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Friday, March 28, 2014

TGIFriday Donkey...Say Waaaat?

It's Friday...whoohooo! I love weekends and nothing kicks off a good weekend than a great song that gets your feet tappin', hips swinging and head noddin' right? RIGHT!!  Ever since I heard this song by Jerrod Niemann a few weeks ago I have loved it.  It's silly and crazy and funny and makes me laugh....oh yeah it has a great beat too and would be an AWESOME line-dancing song...heck yeah y'all!

Now I couldn't find a video link to the song that was 100% all the way through but thought this one was the best of the bunch.  Plus how many times do you see a DONKEY guirarist? hahahaha

Jerrod Niemann's "Donkey" song

Yes its a good honky-tonk country song...just what I love best!

And yeah I think of Donkey from Shrek everytime I hear it too...can't help meself hehehe!

Enjoy, tap your toes and sing along with me!
And have a fabulous weekend.....eeehawwww eeehawwww ;)



  1. I have to say that I know you are not feeling well but I continue to enjoy your posts on your blog, Facebook, instagram and twitter. Not completely sure whats going on, although I have a suspicion. I love your positive attitude, glass is half-full, roll with it attitude!

  2. LOL...what a funny song. It's gotta great beat and melody; perfect for line dancing. Have a great weekend, Suzanne.


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