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Monday, March 17, 2014

Paddy Me Green!

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!  
My Irish Grandma is smiling down on our family today. Growing up she always sent me a fun Irish card every St. Paddy's Day & I may not have appreciated it as much then but I sure do now.  We will eat some Irish foods today including Corned Beef & Cabbage but we aren't really beer drinkers (esp the teens hahaha) although I do cook with Guinness a lot...adds good flavor!

......However I was reading an article last year that said Corned Beef is really an American-ized Irish food because Irish immigrants ate it when they traveled here because it was a cheap cut of meat.  Who knew? But it is good stuff yes'm!

Other Irish So-Called Myths:

*the real St. Patrick wasn't even born in Ireland...he was born in Britain or Wales according to most researchers!

*St. Patrick's army actually wore blue not green. In the 18th century supporters of Irish Independence wore green which led to it becoming "Irish Green"

*the four leaf clover isn't an Irish thang...Saint Patrick used a 3 leaf shamrock to represent the Holy Trinity and the 4-leaf-lucky-clover was added later by Irish Americans. Hmmpppffft!

*It's always St. Paddy's NOT St. Patty's as Paddy is the male version of Patrick...Patty is of course for Patricia.

Just some little fun facts for ya today!!

Nom Noms

To tempt your tastebuds a little some fun & yummy Irish-like foods for you below! 
While I can't indulge I still like looking at them and living vicariously through y'all!

Corned Beef Puffs from Pampered Chef

Irish Shepard Pie

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
(I will be making these HERE Paleo-friendly Stuffed Cabbage Rolls for myself)

Key Lime Swirl Cheesecake Bars

White Chocolate Chip Scones with Bailey's Irish Cream


Add Some Green Into Your Decor!

Love this little sign off of may need to come home to me so I can have it up all year round :)
And a free printable for ya!

Cute idea to scatter around your holiday table or home!

Beautiful St. Paddy's Day table decor....great ideas on this blog too!
Love the fairy moss rings for placemats!

And an Irish Blessing for you ALL today, whether you celebrate or not!



  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog today and learned more tid bits about the Irish. My Irish sister-in-law is from Massachusetts and they do the Dtrs of the Plymouth Rock and Dtrs of the Revolution and a whole lot of early settlers' celebrations. You got me tempted w/all those delish food photos. Thanks for sharing.


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