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Monday, March 31, 2014

Scary Hairy!!

Yeah its the "Rachel" remember it right?  Jennifer Anniston's hot haircut from the 90's show 'Friends' that had a lot of me us running to the salon to get a version.  Yup yours truly had that haircut and I loved it...minus the fact that it took forever to blowdry that way with multiple round brushes...the same reason Jennifer said she hated it (but doubt that she actually did any blowdrying herself right?)  Course my hair was thicker at age 19 than it is nowadays...the horrors of growing older I guess eek.

And umm ok her hair is still gorgeous today....I hate her yet love her yet hate fair.
Of course if we believe everything we read then all I need to do is drink that SmartWater like her right?
Or a full time stylist...yeah that's the ticket.

So I'm gonna go all ad-like, celebrity promotional on you today.  Forgive me for I do it simply for the reason of sharing my own joy with you.  I didn't receive the products for free nor will I receive anything from this review I promise you.  I'm simply a connoisseur (ha) of hair care products and I've amassed quite a collection over the years trying different ones out.  Because simply I have the WORST HAIR on this planet ugh.  Its super straight, super fine and can be on the dry side...oh and I have a squirrelly cowlick in the back of my head that likes to swirl my hair at crazy angles.  
I know, I'm a mess I tell ya!  I battle every day and currently the meds that I'm on make it worse and thinner....ACK!  Ponytails are my bestest friends right now!

So my stylist recommended that I try out Living Proof's line of hair care.  The salon doesn't sell it but she uses it herself and she said I would love it.  She has hair similar to mine and I'm pretty sure she owns a magic wand because her hair looks NOTHING like mine (I hate her...I kid of course...not  So I used the rest of the bottle errr, one of the many bottles I have in my shower and then I ordered the shampoo and conditioner the next day {wink}.  

NO this is not me, nor does my hair look THAT good...but its a dream people, its my dream!

Its been 3 weeks and I have to share my HAIR JOY with my hair didn't take on a supernatural essence of beautifulness like a floating angel, but it is fuller and healthier looking.  And it smells good too...not that my hair stunk before (just sayin' geesh) but the shampoo/conditioner smell clings to your hair longer...I just love it.  And yes, it is a bit more expensive than the $8 bottle of L'oreal Everpure I also own but its been worth every darn penny.  So I use it every other shampoo to make it last and of course you don't need a ton of it to get your hair clean (even longer hair like mine).  I also don't shampoo my hair every day because it doesn't need it being dry like the Sahara...usually every 3 days is my routine with some Dry Shampoo in between to keep it fresh y'all ;)

So they have all different shampoo, conditioners and other hair treatments available for many hair types.
I've heard a TON of awesome reviews on the "Prime Style Extender" for keeping hair clean longer, static free and blow-out styled perfectly.  I haven't tried it...yet..but you can bet I will soon to test it out! Oh and if or when you order directly from them you get samples too...I got a sample of a hair mask but haven't used it yet.

My friend started using the No Frizz version a week ago, she loves it and she thanked me for recommending it and for making her spend more $$ on her hair (your welcs).

Oh and they are all sulfate-free, silicon free and oil free...BONUS!!
That sulfate stuff is icky for your hair you know, stay away from it especially if you
dye your hair.

So I just thought I'd know in case you have hair horrors like myself.
Or you are just addicted to trying all different types of hair care products.
Or if you want a small hair miracle for under $25.

If you do get some, let me know what you think ok?
If you hate it...welllllll tell them ok? ;)



  1. My hair is a mess too. Have it done weekly, but by the 2nd or 3rd day, it's not so good. But I can't do a thing with it myself. Maybe this shampoo would help. Worth a try. Call me nosy, unless I missed it along the way. But worried about your not feeling well and taking RX for so long. What is the problem? If you don't want to share, that's ok too. Get well soon. Edna

    1. I've had some surgeries and treatments going past 6-8 weeks have been rough. Hopefully in another month I will be back to normal..well as normal as I can possibly be LOL. Thx for asking!

  2. Just ordered the Full Shamoo and conditioner. Now that my hair is much longer it is harder to manage. Yes I love those pony tails. I will let you know how I like it

  3. I keep my hair short and it's so much easier to maintain. I, too, have one of those cowlicks that just doesn't want to stay put! I look like Alphalpha, one of the Rascals and it drives me nuts! Thanks for the heads up on the product and will look for it in Canada.
    Stay positive, Suzanne. All will work out in the end :)


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