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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Birds of a Feather......

I've seen lots of robins fluttering around my yard in the past week so that means Spring is coming right?
 And I have the CRAZIEST robin family in the world that lives in our lie.  I mean it would figure I'd get the crazy birds right? LOL!  This bird scares me and the dogs I kid you not.  They used to nest up in the top of our cabana in the fan as it has vaulted ceilings and I got so SICK of cleaning up bird poop off the furniture.  So we got two faux owls and hubby adding some netting over the top of the light in the fan.  Well that showed them........until they decided to nest in the tree next to the cabana..oy vey!  He will sit on the fence and watch us when we come out and sometimes swoop down towards your head screeching! (and me envisioning Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock's "The Birds")  My Baylee is a total terrier dog that likes to chase...ummm just about everything...but even she doesn't bother him and sometimes she won't go in the yard if he's outside squawking hahaha! 
Brave souls that live in my house I tell ya...NOT!
He is the original ANGRY BIRD!  So other than Spring coming I can't say I enjoy having him return to the yard much but I do enjoy seeing those baby birdies every year.

When hubby and I lived in a 3rd floor condo when we were first married we had birds nest in our hanging plants out on the balcony.  Dontcha' know every time it stormed and those baskets swung around in the wind I was a nervous nelly thinking those babies were going to die.  You'd have thought I was the momma!

But I do love birds (maybe not that one Daddy Robin) but ALL the others for sure.  Especially those beautiful hummingbirds and bluebirds.  So I thought I'd share a few "birdy" things with you today...things I loved or would like to have myself :) 


Love the cheery colors and fun quote on this print...only $18 and would 
be beautiful in a bright colored frame for Spring! LOVE!!!

Etsy Bird Pillows
I love the vintage postcard pillow found on Etsy. Beautiful images and this pillow 
would look AH-mazing in my bedroom. Just sayin ;)
And I LOVE the muted colors on those beautiful bird pillows at the bottom.
Such soft, pretty colors that would go well in most rooms!

West Elm Owl Candles
A few of these might be in my house...I can't for sure say HOW many!  Hahaha!  And not only do they smell amazing they are just too cute!  And once the candle is done & you can clean it up well, you can use them again for a multitude of things.

I bought a few of these ceramic birds (and an owl) for each of my family's womenfolk for Christmas.
I thought they were adorable & they glow softly at night with a small battery so you can set them just about anywhere.
And how much do I love hummingbirds?  They are just the most beautiful birds and I always look forward to seeing them return to my gardens each summer.  This beautiful brooch on Etsy is so delicate and filled with Spring colors that made me go "ooooooooooooh"!

Chirp Chirp!!


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  1. So funny, Suzanne. We have tree swallows that nest in our bird house near the pond every year and they swoop at anything that is in their way to feed the new chicks or thinking there is HARM ahead. I am a true bird lover with geese, ducks, and chickens...they all tolerate me 'cuz I feed them. Except for the chickens, they think I'm Mama. I raised them so it's easy to get them to follow me anywhere.
    Your Robins must be returning birds, my guess. It is so phenomenal to think that they cross hundreds of miles and remember where they first nested. So inborn to their nature.
    To be honest, I can't WAIT for Spring...I am tired of running off the Wild Mallards during the winter just to feed my ducks and geese.

    Happy Spring...I think it is finally here.


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