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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Makes You Think & Dream.....

One of my fave photographs I took last year

I hope to get back to my photography lessons when I'm feeling better. I miss taking photographs and loading them up on the Mac to see what I've been able to capture.  I just don't have the energy to do much with it right now.  I'm hoping to gift myself with the Canon 135 mm lens for my birthday if I'm better...its been on the "wish" list for awhile but its a steep investment. I have yet to hear a bad review on it so I know it would be put to good use, but hard to justify the cost when I have a daughter graduating, needing a car and headed to college soon.  So we shall see.

Anyway if you like to look at stunning photographs you have to check out
  Elena Shumilova's Flickr album.
She lives in Russia and is a mom who simply loves to photograph her children and nature. There aren't even words to describe her photographs.  They certainly invoke different feelings, a kind of longing that I cannot explain myself.  But I have looked at them a bajillion times just because they are simply......beautiful.

So I'm sharing a couple photographs of her's, but please check out her Flickr Album as well and prepare to be amazed, stunned and left a bit breathless. 



  1. Wow, these are awesome, Suzanne. I wish I had a better eye for photography. I get by just enough for those memory photos and that's it. I will have to go visit her albums. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Hope you get your Canon lens.

    1. I love to take pictures but this woman takes it to the extreme..I could only wish to do something half that good. It sure is nice to look at though :) Hugs!

  2. I checked out her Flicker account, those are shots you generally only dream about capturing! Wow is all I can say!

    1. I know isn't she an amazing "life catcher" I like to say...I'm still awed by all her work!

  3. OMG she is just an amazing photographer!! TFS!


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