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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pixie Dust!

I'm obsessed......obsessed with a making a Fairy Garden this Spring. I have NO idea when I will find the time but I thought I'd just make a little one first. I've always wanted one and for whatever reason just never found the time or energy to put into it.  But I am DETERMINED to have one out on my patio this year.

I was that little girl that loved to play make-believe all the time.  With my dolls, with friends and in our woods. One of my favorite old books was about a girl whose babydoll came to life when they played together (it was a very old book & I have searched for years for it but still haven't found it sadly). I loved to pretend there were fairies and sprites in the woods where I lived.  Heck, I spent half of my life outside in the woods climbing trees, playing in the streams and building little homes out of rocks, sticks and leaves.  I love anything miniature as well...I still have plans to restore my dollhouse that my mom built me one day too.  But now I want to do a grown up version...for me...just because it makes me happy.  I think sometimes we have to revert to being a child now and again, to remember the magic and joy we once believed in so fiercely.

So I'm building a Fairy Garden Pinterest Board now...if you follow me you can see it or follow it if you wish.  I have lots more ideas than I'm sure I will have time for, but that's what dreaming is for right?  All the pictures below are linked on my Pinterest board if you want to see more on them!
Better to dream big, achieve much...then to underestimate yourself at any stage of the game I think!

I think I'm going to do a smaller pot version (like above) first to get my hands dirty :)
There are so many fun versions out there that its almost overwhelming.

I also like this version made in an old the rustic feel of it and that arbor oh myyyy!

Love the use of other gardening items as old wheelbarrow or galvanized tub would be awesome for a larger garden.

The tops of pots make awesome areas for Fairy Gardens too. Love the tree with the tire swing. I had a tire swing on our old weeping willow tree that I spent a lot of time on so maybe I need one of those too huh?

And then the tiny pots of succulents made with thimbles or dollhouse pots...soooo cute!

And maybe a leaf table set for a lovely fairy tea with acorn dishes and fairy food.

And you can't forget a fairy throne threaded with moss, flowers and butterfly wings.

Or a lovely swing made out of twine and sticks above some pretty flowers.

And shells...I really want to use some of my shells from my collection. Beautiful hanging pots or small sinks made from shells.

And a pretty fairy bed to lay down in for a rest!

The possibilities are endless....popsicle stick ladders, acorn bird feeders, gourd cottages, stone benches and stick furniture.  My mind is abuzz with so many ideas.........

And for those who love the summer and beach as much as me....well you could make a 
beachy fairy garden, because even fairies like some fun in the sun right (and a drink lol)?

There are some awesome shops on Etsy that sell all things fairy garden, if you aren't 
interested in making them yourself or want something special too.

Are you inspired to make your own bit of MAGIC this Spring??



  1. Hey Suzanne, I thought you meant the WHOLE garden into a fairy garden ha ha! My Gran's garden is teeny tiny and it is like a fairy garden, full of pretty flowers, little butterflies on sticks and fancy gardeny things hanging, she has solar lights everywhere too so nighttime really is like a fairy garden... it's adorable! I hope you get to make your wee fairy Garden - BUT GET WELL FIRST! Lyns xx

    1. LOL well you can have a whole fairy garden but I thought I'd start off small to start with ;) Your Gran's garden sounds wonderful & a great place to spend time. Trust me I have plans to make a garden but it won't happen till May I'm sure and then I'll share with all of you! Hugs!

  2. Darn it! now I want one even more too!! :)

    1. IKR! LOL I'm determined to make a small one at least for my patio but I'm sure I will get out of control and it will end up bigger than I had intended ;)

  3. Wow! Now these speak to me. Love them all. Do u know if u can buy them completed?

    1. You can find them online and at Etsy to buy as a whole container garden yes. Or you can buy bits and pieces and add your own flowers too.

    2. Thanks much. I was so excited when i saw this post i went this afternoon to a garden center. Yes they had a wonderful setup. I am having an indoor one made up n pick it up next week. Can hardly wait n when it warms up im putting in some pieces outdoors. How cute! Thank you thank you.

  4. Dollhouse miniatures is my 2nd hobby; after stamping. Was not into fairies before; but after seeing these adorable scenes; I just might have to try it. Thanks for sharing these, Suzanne; pls. feel better soon; can't wait to see what you do with this.

  5. Oh Suzanne...stop it are always turning me on to the coolest stuff that I HAVE to have! I haven't ever seen these ADORABLE gardens before but sooooo want one now! so stop it LOL!

  6. oh my has some and they are on still my heart!

  7. Wow, these are simply adorable. My fav is the tub or wheelbarrow. It's like your own tiny little yard. Sounds like fun, Suzanne. I'd would love to see what you construct. Hope you get time to do that.

  8. OMG I just love this idea! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  9. Love the pix of the fairy gardens you've shown. I can't decide which one I like best. I'll look forward to seeing yours! I remember reading a story about dolls that came to life when I was a girl and I'm much, much older than you. I can't remember the book but as I recall the story I read was in a large book with lots of stories.

  10. I love these gardens! I am registered to do a class on "mini gardens" at one of the local greenhouses at the beginning of May. Thanks for all the ideas and I will be watching for what you come up with. I really like the beach in the martini glass!!

  11. Oh sounds just like me. I, too, am demined to make a garden this spring. I think it is my inner spirit guide coming out. Thanks for all the ideas.

  12. Thank you, thank you, so many beautiful fairy houses. I live in Santa Clarita and will have to wait for cooler weather. The beach in martini glass is a trip. Have plenty of small ones to challenge myself . Thank again.

  13. Oh my goodness, I was sqealing right along with you! I love all things miniature!!!


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