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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tea Anyone?

Do you love, adore, obsess over all things Downton Abbey?  
The entire Dean family loves it...yup even the boys are into it!  We haven't watched the new season yet as we like to DVR them all and then watch them in batches.  Which is great for me while recovering from surgeries...its a good solid hour of excellent TV to watch.
Because you know when I'm ill I sometimes get desperate and watch weird stuff like "The Shahs of Sunset", "Naked & Afraid" and "The Kardashians"...GASP lawdy lawdy lawdy...but when you are stuck in bed and sometimes can't focus enough to read you are left with ugly TV LOL.
NOT to be confused with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, NYC and Orange County. Those are shows I normally watch...hey we all gotta have some "fluff & fun" in our lives yes?

Anywho I digress......

 I've read some awesome books that are very "Downton Abbey-ish" that I really enjoyed.
Sometimes when I read I get carried away and read 20+ books with a certain time period or theme.  And I will raise my hand and say YES I did read all of these, one after another, and enjoyed each one immensely.  And now I'm sharing a FEW of them with you if you can't get enough of Lord Grantham, Lady Mary and the always hilarious Dowager Countess "Granny" :)

And a few fun quotes sprinkled in along the way....

Summerset Abbey Book Series by TJ Brown
I really enjoyed this series of 3 swept me away and I was vested in the characters all the way through. I hope she does a fourth because...well...I just think there should be another (purely selfish reasons hahaha).
Summerset Abbey: Spring Awakening

Benedict Hall Series by Cate Campbell
Another great series yet this one is set in Seattle during the same time period. One of the main characters is a first-woman as doctor and its really fascinating to read about the struggles ALL women had in those days including creation of jobs. They also have a bit of a thriller storyline (very small) that revs things up a bit.  Definitely enjoyable reads!
Benedict Hall (A Benedict Hall Novel)

The Ashford Affair by Lauren Willig
This one focuses on two women in two different eras, a bit of a mystery and lots of drama...of the good kind! I loved the view into Africa during this time period as well.
The Ashford Affair

The Lavender Garden
And my current BookEndz pick for this month is this particular book. I got swept away in the story which is a page-turner...brilliant in every way.  If you don't love this...well I'm not sure what to say LOL!  Just read it!

The Lavender Garden: A Novel


and I leave you with some more of the Dowager Countess ;)

Now go fix a pot of tea, snuggle up and enjoy some good reads!



  1. I loved the Lavender Garden. I will have to try some of these others.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it too Peggie...I thought it was really good!

  2. We are going to Palm Springs April 4th for then days. I just ordered ALL your suggestions! Thank you for sharing. Have you read a series of 6 books by M.C. Beaton, Frederica in Fashion, Diana the Huntress etc. A British period piece. You need to read in order. Thanks for the suggestions Suzanne. I have always loved everything you recommend.
    hugs, Diana

    1. Awesome Diana, hope you enjoy them as much as I did and your vacay fun! I haven't heard of that author before but I ordered the first one in the series to try. Thanks for the suggestion. Hugs~

  3. I STILL haven't watched Downton Abbey! Funny thing though I almost bought the whole series on DVD this afternoon but then I remembered that I can hire them from our new club! Thanks for the book picks!

    1. Its really a great, solid hour of tv...well acted, beautiful costumes, some humor...all around good. You will enjoy it!

  4. Great suggestions, Suzanne. There are several of these that peak my interest so I'll go have a look for them on Kindle. Wishing you a quick recovery from surgery.
    Big Huge Hugz,

    1. Hope you enjoy them if you get any Cathy...they were all good reads, page turners :) Hugs~

  5. Oh, yeah..........I'm totally obsessed with Downton Abbey. I am just ready to start Season 4 that I got from Amazon (UK version). Have you seen Gosford Park? It is also by Julian Fellowes and I have recorded it but not had time to watch. Maggie Smith is also in that one (I love her!!!) Thanks for the list of books as I will surely be wanting to read those!!!
    I always have thought I was born in the wrong century!!!
    Hope you have a quick recovery!!!
    Hugs and prayers

    1. I haven't watched that other series yet but I've heard good things. Maggie Smith is a RIOT..I just love her and she gives the show the comic relief ;) I always said I'd love to visit for awhile during that time but I don't want to stay too long ahaha!


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