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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Support & Silence!

Just a proverb I was thinking about the other day.  It is something I have in my journal and try to remind myself of regularly.  There is so much criticism, viciousness and ugliness in this world that I, myself, never want to add to it.  I just feel that the world itself has moved away from love and kindness and it makes me so sad.  
It seems that people are more ready to attack first and ask later, criticize quickly without hearing the whole story, and forget that its a REAL person with feelings on the other side of things. 
I think we all need MORE support, love, and kindness these days. 
These are gifts we can all give freely.

Not that I am perfect in any way jose...however I like to think that I am pretty darn nice until I've reached "that" point. But I also remember these words every time I type something, think something or say something.  Just a good thing to remember in this crazy world we live in!

Because when you release hurtful words into the atmosphere, it is really hard to take them back.

Just something I think we all should think about and remember.
We get one chance at this life, might as well make it as beautiful a life as we can.



  1. Lovely thought! Just think how peaceful the world would be. Prayers for your health.

  2. This is so beautiful Suzanne and would be wonderful if eveyone thought this way. It is something we should all think about for sure each time we open our mouths. I love the amazing things you find to share with us all. As always you have my love and prayers. JPat

  3. Pat is right, too bad others don't think along these lines. Beautiful words to live by. I am stealing your quote for my desk. Hope you are doing lots better. Thinking of you.

  4. Fabulous words, Suzanne. You are one of the nicest gals I know. Live more beautiful, my friend.

  5. It makes me wonder, Suzanne, where we lost all of the love and kindness because I know we all had it at one time.

  6. Very true! Reminds me of a quote from a childhood story: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!"

  7. Great thought for the day, Suzanne! I wish everyone would abide by this!! What a nice world it would be for everyone!!

  8. Beautiful quote Suzanne and so true


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