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Monday, March 31, 2014

Scary Hairy!!

Yeah its the "Rachel" remember it right?  Jennifer Anniston's hot haircut from the 90's show 'Friends' that had a lot of me us running to the salon to get a version.  Yup yours truly had that haircut and I loved it...minus the fact that it took forever to blowdry that way with multiple round brushes...the same reason Jennifer said she hated it (but doubt that she actually did any blowdrying herself right?)  Course my hair was thicker at age 19 than it is nowadays...the horrors of growing older I guess eek.

And umm ok her hair is still gorgeous today....I hate her yet love her yet hate fair.
Of course if we believe everything we read then all I need to do is drink that SmartWater like her right?
Or a full time stylist...yeah that's the ticket.

So I'm gonna go all ad-like, celebrity promotional on you today.  Forgive me for I do it simply for the reason of sharing my own joy with you.  I didn't receive the products for free nor will I receive anything from this review I promise you.  I'm simply a connoisseur (ha) of hair care products and I've amassed quite a collection over the years trying different ones out.  Because simply I have the WORST HAIR on this planet ugh.  Its super straight, super fine and can be on the dry side...oh and I have a squirrelly cowlick in the back of my head that likes to swirl my hair at crazy angles.  
I know, I'm a mess I tell ya!  I battle every day and currently the meds that I'm on make it worse and thinner....ACK!  Ponytails are my bestest friends right now!

So my stylist recommended that I try out Living Proof's line of hair care.  The salon doesn't sell it but she uses it herself and she said I would love it.  She has hair similar to mine and I'm pretty sure she owns a magic wand because her hair looks NOTHING like mine (I hate her...I kid of course...not  So I used the rest of the bottle errr, one of the many bottles I have in my shower and then I ordered the shampoo and conditioner the next day {wink}.  

NO this is not me, nor does my hair look THAT good...but its a dream people, its my dream!

Its been 3 weeks and I have to share my HAIR JOY with my hair didn't take on a supernatural essence of beautifulness like a floating angel, but it is fuller and healthier looking.  And it smells good too...not that my hair stunk before (just sayin' geesh) but the shampoo/conditioner smell clings to your hair longer...I just love it.  And yes, it is a bit more expensive than the $8 bottle of L'oreal Everpure I also own but its been worth every darn penny.  So I use it every other shampoo to make it last and of course you don't need a ton of it to get your hair clean (even longer hair like mine).  I also don't shampoo my hair every day because it doesn't need it being dry like the Sahara...usually every 3 days is my routine with some Dry Shampoo in between to keep it fresh y'all ;)

So they have all different shampoo, conditioners and other hair treatments available for many hair types.
I've heard a TON of awesome reviews on the "Prime Style Extender" for keeping hair clean longer, static free and blow-out styled perfectly.  I haven't tried it...yet..but you can bet I will soon to test it out! Oh and if or when you order directly from them you get samples too...I got a sample of a hair mask but haven't used it yet.

My friend started using the No Frizz version a week ago, she loves it and she thanked me for recommending it and for making her spend more $$ on her hair (your welcs).

Oh and they are all sulfate-free, silicon free and oil free...BONUS!!
That sulfate stuff is icky for your hair you know, stay away from it especially if you
dye your hair.

So I just thought I'd know in case you have hair horrors like myself.
Or you are just addicted to trying all different types of hair care products.
Or if you want a small hair miracle for under $25.

If you do get some, let me know what you think ok?
If you hate it...welllllll tell them ok? ;)


Friday, March 28, 2014

TGIFriday Donkey...Say Waaaat?

It's Friday...whoohooo! I love weekends and nothing kicks off a good weekend than a great song that gets your feet tappin', hips swinging and head noddin' right? RIGHT!!  Ever since I heard this song by Jerrod Niemann a few weeks ago I have loved it.  It's silly and crazy and funny and makes me laugh....oh yeah it has a great beat too and would be an AWESOME line-dancing song...heck yeah y'all!

Now I couldn't find a video link to the song that was 100% all the way through but thought this one was the best of the bunch.  Plus how many times do you see a DONKEY guirarist? hahahaha

Jerrod Niemann's "Donkey" song

Yes its a good honky-tonk country song...just what I love best!

And yeah I think of Donkey from Shrek everytime I hear it too...can't help meself hehehe!

Enjoy, tap your toes and sing along with me!
And have a fabulous weekend.....eeehawwww eeehawwww ;)


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pixie Dust!

I'm obsessed......obsessed with a making a Fairy Garden this Spring. I have NO idea when I will find the time but I thought I'd just make a little one first. I've always wanted one and for whatever reason just never found the time or energy to put into it.  But I am DETERMINED to have one out on my patio this year.

I was that little girl that loved to play make-believe all the time.  With my dolls, with friends and in our woods. One of my favorite old books was about a girl whose babydoll came to life when they played together (it was a very old book & I have searched for years for it but still haven't found it sadly). I loved to pretend there were fairies and sprites in the woods where I lived.  Heck, I spent half of my life outside in the woods climbing trees, playing in the streams and building little homes out of rocks, sticks and leaves.  I love anything miniature as well...I still have plans to restore my dollhouse that my mom built me one day too.  But now I want to do a grown up version...for me...just because it makes me happy.  I think sometimes we have to revert to being a child now and again, to remember the magic and joy we once believed in so fiercely.

So I'm building a Fairy Garden Pinterest Board now...if you follow me you can see it or follow it if you wish.  I have lots more ideas than I'm sure I will have time for, but that's what dreaming is for right?  All the pictures below are linked on my Pinterest board if you want to see more on them!
Better to dream big, achieve much...then to underestimate yourself at any stage of the game I think!

I think I'm going to do a smaller pot version (like above) first to get my hands dirty :)
There are so many fun versions out there that its almost overwhelming.

I also like this version made in an old the rustic feel of it and that arbor oh myyyy!

Love the use of other gardening items as old wheelbarrow or galvanized tub would be awesome for a larger garden.

The tops of pots make awesome areas for Fairy Gardens too. Love the tree with the tire swing. I had a tire swing on our old weeping willow tree that I spent a lot of time on so maybe I need one of those too huh?

And then the tiny pots of succulents made with thimbles or dollhouse pots...soooo cute!

And maybe a leaf table set for a lovely fairy tea with acorn dishes and fairy food.

And you can't forget a fairy throne threaded with moss, flowers and butterfly wings.

Or a lovely swing made out of twine and sticks above some pretty flowers.

And shells...I really want to use some of my shells from my collection. Beautiful hanging pots or small sinks made from shells.

And a pretty fairy bed to lay down in for a rest!

The possibilities are endless....popsicle stick ladders, acorn bird feeders, gourd cottages, stone benches and stick furniture.  My mind is abuzz with so many ideas.........

And for those who love the summer and beach as much as me....well you could make a 
beachy fairy garden, because even fairies like some fun in the sun right (and a drink lol)?

There are some awesome shops on Etsy that sell all things fairy garden, if you aren't 
interested in making them yourself or want something special too.

Are you inspired to make your own bit of MAGIC this Spring??


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Makes You Think & Dream.....

One of my fave photographs I took last year

I hope to get back to my photography lessons when I'm feeling better. I miss taking photographs and loading them up on the Mac to see what I've been able to capture.  I just don't have the energy to do much with it right now.  I'm hoping to gift myself with the Canon 135 mm lens for my birthday if I'm better...its been on the "wish" list for awhile but its a steep investment. I have yet to hear a bad review on it so I know it would be put to good use, but hard to justify the cost when I have a daughter graduating, needing a car and headed to college soon.  So we shall see.

Anyway if you like to look at stunning photographs you have to check out
  Elena Shumilova's Flickr album.
She lives in Russia and is a mom who simply loves to photograph her children and nature. There aren't even words to describe her photographs.  They certainly invoke different feelings, a kind of longing that I cannot explain myself.  But I have looked at them a bajillion times just because they are simply......beautiful.

So I'm sharing a couple photographs of her's, but please check out her Flickr Album as well and prepare to be amazed, stunned and left a bit breathless. 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just Laugh A Little!

Funny Girl!

Nothing makes me feel better than some smiles and belly laughs.  I try to fit a few into each day no matter what is happening around me or to me.  It really can change your attitude and mood...even if its only for a little bit.  So I'm always on the look out for funny jokes, memes or videos and of course TV shows.  And nothing makes me happier than watching and laughing with my family..quality time with them is very important to me.

Modern Family and New Girl are two of my family's faves for always making us LOL loudly. We watch them together as a family and we regularly rewind to see a scene again (and maybe again) ;)  Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart's Daily Show do the same for in a sarcastic, snarky, funny way...we watch some nights during dinner and then discuss the news of the day together.  A fun, modern way to get the teens interested and knowledgeable about the world around them.  We've had some pretty interesting talks about Russia, Putin, China and the missing MH370 airliner.  In fact Alexa's AP Government class will watch clips at school to lead into debates and discussions.

But lately what has been making me happy and laughing alot is the NEW Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  
We are BIG fans of Jimmy and couldn't wait for him to take the reins from Jay Leno...and we haven't been disappointed.  He's such a friendly and funny guy....he's a gifted comedian but like Ellen never seems to be harsh or mean-spirited with his jokes...I love that!  So we DVR it and watch it together when we can and have a few laughs...great way to start the day and end the evening me thinks!

 So this clip was from the other night when Kevin Bacon was on.  I loved the original "Footloose" movie when it came out 30 years ago..GASP...30 freaking years ago (I'm getting old lol)!  So Kevin reenacted his famous dance from the movie and it was just too fun to not share with you all.

Hope it makes your smile on this Tuesday too :)


Monday, March 24, 2014

Raise Your Hand If......

So raise your hand if you were a wild child of the 80's! Meeeee meee meeee, I was too LOL!  
And I'll be turning 39 errr 40 in May so I was reminiscing a bit while sick in bed. Why? I have no clue other than the 80's made me happy and thought I'd type up a post because....ummmm the 80's ROCKED y'all!

So raise your hand or say YAY if these are familiar to you ok? 
 I would have scanned in some of my own pics from back in the day, however I was bedridden....good for me and for you, trust me ;)

Did you ever celebrate with a doll/Barbie cake?  A good family friend of our's made me one every year till I was 7...I just loved them.  The ones today are so much more! But whatever...they were all good!

The Barbies...oh I had lots of Barbies including my sister's older Barbies...she had a Kristy McNichol one (she's 11 years older so that was her thing back then lol).  My mom made me so many Barbie clothes that I literally had garbage bags full of them.  My favorite Barbie was "Cowgirl Barbie"...she had so much blue eye makeup LMBO and she winked one eye...I thought she was FANTABULOUS!  And Malibu Barbie...with tan lines no less...and those fun sunglasses that barely fit in that bag hmmpppffftt.  Nowadays we'd tell her to put some sunblock on stat!!!

How about Cabbage Patch Dolls?  This one looks just like my Daisy...she went everywhere with me.  Including on a ferry to Nova Scotia where I bought a sweater for her for $6 whole dollars LOL. Ask ANY of my family members about her and they will tell ya...I was obsessed.  My mom made bags full of clothes for her...some even matched mine :)  My Daisy now sits on top of my hutch in my craft room...she is still well loved!

I have no idea what these were called but I had a TON of them...I remember the harmonica charm really played too hahaha!

The first iPad folks LOL!  This "Little Professor" was a much loved toy for me and high tech back then for kids!

And we cannot forget the Rubiks Cube...a great mind game for now and then! Don't tell my brother that I played with his and sometimes screwed it up for him...hahaha...I was a great lil' sister :)

Another low tech toy I had and loved.  I had a basketball one too!
I found one at a thrift store for $2 when the kids were little and they loved it just as much as I did.

Strawberry I loved these little dolls.  And they smelled so good!
My daughter wasn't much of a doll girl...which bummed me out because I loved all dolls when I was little. She had a Cabbage Patch and American Girl Dolls but she collected more than played...she was into games and computer stuff more. Maybe I'll have a granddaughter one day that enjoys dolls as much as I used to.

Yes I might have a few of these "My Little Ponies" too...just a know because there were a whole lot of these.  And you were super lucky if you had a pegasus one...they were extra special ;)

And what about Saturday morning cartoons?  I waited all week to watch a few hours of cartoons on Saturday mornings.  Smurfs, Rainbow Brite, He-Man, Care-Bears, The Flintstones, Tom & Jerry, Inspector Gadget, Fat Albert, Strawberry Shortcake and Jem.  But my favorite was: Shirt Tales...I had all the lil' stuffed animals from McDonalds too...they were too cute!

My older brother had an Atari...which back then was da'bomb-diggety right?  And I played it as much as I could when he wasn't home (shhhh...he was 9 yrs older so he was always busy lol). I loved Space Invaders, Pong, Frogger, Pac-Man and Pole Position. Except we played it on a tiny 20" black and white TV. We didn't get a colored TV or cable till I was in middle school..I lived in the country y'all where there wasn't even pizza delivery..puhleeze!  Then I became obsessed with MTV, back when they ACTUALLY still played music videos. (trivia: first MTV video I ever saw was Aha's "Take On Me" which they play in the 7th inning stretch at every Nationals baseball game and I stand and sing and dance every darn time).  

And then I moved onto my very own Nintendo...which was 100x better.  I was a whiz-master girl at all those games like Mario Brothers, Zelda, Uncle Fester, Tennis and Donkey Kong.  I don't want to think about how many hours that machine got played LOL. The games today are too son plays XBox One on our 80" tv in the basement and that's way too much...feels like the people on screen are life sized..whoaaaa!  And he talks on a headset to others playing...who woulda thunk it back in the day huh?

And I will state now...because its true according to ME (ha)...that the 80's had some of the best movies ever!  I love watching a lot of these with my teens when I can.  I mean c'mon Andrew McCarthy was dreamy, everyone wanted to be Molly Ringwald, I wanted to visit Australia & say g'day mate and I was in love with Corey Haim...wasn't everyone?  And I will admit to watching my VHS tape of Top Gun over 100x...obsessed maybe (still like Tom Cruise movies, not the man so much unfort).  And then there was Dirty Dancing...hmmm my friends and I watched that so much we broke the VHS tape LOL. C'mon who didn't want to be Baby to Patrick Swayze's Johnny hmmmm especially in that final scene...oh yeah!!? And Back to the Future made me love Michael J Fox!  My list could go on and on and on....hehehe!

And the TV Sitcoms...they don't make them like that anymore...good, wholesome family fun. My kids have watched reruns of a lot of my faves as they were growing up.  Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Growing Pains, Webster, Family Ties, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Who's the Boss, Full House, The Facts of Life, Silver Spoons, Mork & Mindy, Alf, Punky Brewster, Different Strokes, and The Cosby Show.  I know there were many more but I loved them all...dearly...wish we had more like them these days.  And of course 90210 came out in 90' and that was one of my all-time faves too!  And shhhh don't tell my mom but I watched or listened in on Dallas when I could too...who shot JR bwahahaha!

BUT the music...I STILL love 80's music...well I love most music, but still the 80's...sighhhh!
Madonna, Michael Jackson (still have my Thriller album), Bon Jovi and all the Hair Band boys I wanted to marry, Whitney Houston, Aerosmith, Lionel Richie, Cyndi Lauper, Wham, Boy George, Billy Idol, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Aha, Debbie Gibson, Tears For Fears and so many more.  But I was OBSESSED and I'm not embarassed to say it...with NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK OMG! I went to their concerts, had everything they made, my walls were plastered with their pics...I knew I was gonna marry Jordan. Whelp that didn't happen but I did go to their Reunion Concert with my mom...because she took me to ALL their concerts as a teen...and I mighta drooled a wee bit. They aged VERY well...just sayin' ;)  And my son loves all the 80's hair bands..I brought him up very well!

Oh and albums....or records...ya know the ones we played on record players.  Nowadays the "hipsters" call them vinyl but we were hip long before these kiddos took over right?  I remember the horrors of a scratched record...the skipping...the counting of lines on the record to change to a different song.  And of course tapes...I had a TON of tapes too when they got popular. And if your tape uncoiled you got out a handy dandy pencil to roll it back up LOL!  The record/tape player above looked a lot like mine with the dual tape know so you could copy a tape to a blank one back in the day hahaha!  Well these kids can have the record players because this gal prefers the ease of iTunes these days ;)

I will say the 80's were not good for the ole' hair!  I don't want to know how much of the ozone all of us killed with hairspray back then.  You know...hold the hair up with a comb, spray and then blow dry it up.  The higher the hair the closer to God they say ;)  It was just bad...I won't share my daughter will still laugh for HOURS at my old hair hahaha!  
I mean WHAT IN SAM's HELL WERE WE THINKING...I think the hairspray clogged our brains y'all!

80's wow...I won't go back to any of these looks lemme tell ya.  Once you've already done a trend and it comes back around...just say NO folks ok? Never do trends twice...well trends that were bad then are STILL bad now KWIM?  We had stone washed everything, layered socks, perfectly peg-legged jeans (took me forever because they had to be perfection), neon, high-tops and shoulder pads, penny loafers, huge earrings, stirrup pants and parachute pants.  And good-gracious Jams...remember those?  Those atrocious shorts..I had a pair of Coca-Cola ones that I adored...enough said LOL!

And we had some rad fads too....NOT!  DUH! 

And if you read thru this list and do not remember all of these below, well I'm snatching your 80's card back right now....yes'm I will!!!

Garbage Pail Kid cards, gelly shoes, breakdancing, boom boxes, walkmen, MTV, Swatch Watches, Jelly Bracelets, banana clips, Guess Jeans, Esprit bags, Keds without laces, stickers & sticker books, Trapper Keepers, Pop Rocks, Pound Puppies, Weeble Wobbles, ViewMaster, Holly Hobby, Monchichi, rat-tails, Cootie and Dungeons & Dragons.

So did you take a trip back in time like I did?  Boy in some ways I miss the 80's a lot but I do like the conveniences of today.  
I'm happy I grew up in the 80' was a good time alright, alright, alright!!

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