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Friday, March 21, 2014

Feelin' Blue?

I've Got the Blues!

I'm in a blue mood folks...but no worries its not the bad kinda blues right now :)  I'm talking fresh blues, nautical blues, and soothing blues.  I can't get enough of the gorgeous blue patterns in fashion right now...I am loving the florals and stripes I'm seeing everywhere.  So crisp and gorgeous paired with anything from jeans, white pants, to skirts and shorts. I'm obsessed could be a problem ahahaha!  So just sharing a few things I have added to my wardrobe and some things I'm just drooling over with you.  Lemme know if you drooled, shopped or pursued too...ya know like a shopping buddy that always makes you feel a bit better!

Yes, I did get this light sweater from Gap...and the other one too! One thing I was lacking in was 
some lightweight sweaters for Spring so I indulged myself a wee bit. I'm always chilled & when I'm not well I'm even more chilly so I am anticipating a need this spring...hence the picking up of light sweaters lately. (I used 30% off coupon for Gap too)

I got this cute anchor sweater at Old Navy on sale for $12...I like wearing it with a chambray shirt underneath and tails hanging out.  The background of sweater is a darker cream, not sure why it shows up pink in pic.

I got this chambray shirt last year and I see Nordstroms still has it and it is on sale now...bonus!
It is soooo super comfy and such a worn/soft material and just long enough to leave the tails out from under your sweaters too!

Also this blouse from Old Navy....loved the beautiful blue pattern!

And I would love this skirt and these shoes too from Loft..waiting for them to go on sale though...I'm a sale watcher and then I put it in my cart and wait a few days to see if I really, really have to have it :)

And I may or may not be drooling over this Michael Kors, white and brown...ummm LOVE! And its on sale right need to not visit is in my cart...should I push "checkout" or not...hmmmm LOL! I love a classic bag because if you take care of it you can pull it out over & over again and use it for years.

And how gorgeous is this bedding from Pottery Barn...OMGosh I love every bit of it!
Makes me want to redo my guest bedroom ASAP...that's gonna have to wait but a girl can dream right?
For now because I will be spending a fair amount of time in bed...ugh...I have bought a new fluffy down comforter to replace the old. Some new pillows because I like to sink into them.  A set of high-thread count sheets and a super fluffy, fuzzy blanket.  Now my bed is ready for me!

So are you as BLUE as I am? :)



  1. Get the bag Suzanne! I love a Michael Korrs bag, your nautical theme is so cute... love the skirt too so pretty! :o) xxx

    1. I really want the bag...however I just bought David Gray tix and not sure if hubby will smile when I order the bag hahahaha! Its still in my cart though ;)

  2. Love this post since blue is my favorite color...any blue.

  3. Love the blue but now can you bring the warm sun?

  4. Oh yeah! I'm blue, Suzanne. Love the Michael Kors bag and those shoes are a perfect match. Love all the blue you are sharing with us.

    1. The bag is still in my cart LOL...not sure if it will come to me or not. But I'm a sucker for anything blue that's for sure ;)

  5. Blue is not my color, so don't buy it, but like it on someone else. Very nice. Hope you're feeling better.

  6. You are such an, just bought the chambray shirt. I love that you provide the links. Eyeing the Michael Kors bag! Hugs, Diana

    1. LOL well see, you can pretend we went shopping together....but if we did it would probably be disastrous for our checking accounts ;) I'm wearing my chambray shirt today, I ordered it a little big so I could wear it with leggings too because its so comfy! Hugs!

  7. Blue is my favourite colour so I love all your picks!!


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