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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Earring Trend!

Have you seen the double-sided or reversible earrings on celebrities and in magazines lately?  I think they are fabulous and went on a mission to buy a pair (or two) for both me and Alexa.  I love the trend because the studs are still low-key and classy yet crank it up a notch on the fun factor with the double-side.

These are so pretty...the larger part of the earring goes in the back.

This is the version I bought myself at Bloomies...pearl double-sided studs for only $30 and they go with everything!

Then you have these which add a little bling & fun to the pearl studs....great shape but not overwhelming.  These are by Rebecca Minkoff & on sale for $38.

I like this spike & nail version by Rebecca Minkoff as well....they are $48 and on my wish-list.

I went with this silver spiked version for only $14. 

And last but not least I had to have these turquoise beauties...aren't they stunning?
And only $15...bargain!

You can find all kinds of these earrings online and in stores now...some as cheap as $5 and some as much as $800.  I went with more inexpensive versions as a way to add some ON-trend to my wardrobe and because I think they are fun and beautiful to wear too.


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  1. Those turquoise ones are so pretty. And I really like the pearls too


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