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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Healthy Eats!

Well its Week 6 and I've got my Meal Plan below for you!  
You can find them all by clicking on the HEALTHY LIVING tab at top of blog or on my sidebar.  And most of the recipes are on my Pinterest board HERE too!

I've stumbled upon a blog that I've fallen in love with...I MEAN I LOVE IT! 
It's called "" and she has the best recipes for those looking for healthy alternatives to their meals.  I've used mostly her recipes for this week's Meal Plan as many yuumy choices.  And the food photography is outta this world...I can only aspire to take some luscious photos of food!

So I'm looking forward to trying out some new recipes and flavors over the coming months.  There are so many filling and yummy recipes that are good for you if you look hard enough and are willing to try.  These Turkey Picadillo Stuffed Plantains above are on the plan for this week...they sound delicious and nothing I've ever made before but I'm sure willing to give it a go.

So anywho I hope you hop on over to that blog and have fun perusing all the fabulous recipes and pictures.



  1. Oooo yummy these all look so good, Suzanne. I need to take off about 20+ lbs I put on this summer after I injured my back. Bought me a fit bit and ready to get back on track. Also need to do something about this dang menopause. UGH!!! LOL

    1. I feel your pain Cathy...after surgery & recovery & summer I was a MESS lol! Happy to be feeling stronger & healthier after almost 7 weeks though. They say it takes 5-7 weeks to create a routine and I think I'm finally there where I miss the exercise if I skip it. WOW there's a concept, me missing exercise LOL...that's never happened before hahaha! One step at a time I always say! Hugs!

  2. Gina from "Skinny Tastes" has a wonderful new cookbook. She has some great recipes! Thank you for sharing your meal plans.

    1. I saw that on her considering buying it too...her recipes I made this week were so delicious!


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