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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gadgets Galore!

I don't know about you...but this is my family before vacations or events...LOL!


Are you a slave to technology?  These days its kind of hard to not be on most days whether its for personal or business use.  With four people in the house (minus Alexa when she's at college lol) we have enough electrical gadgets to power a small nation I think.  And most of them use USB type plugs so I finally decided it was time to update a few things in our house.

First up is replacing a couple outlets with these plug-USB combos.  You can find all kinds of styles and colors online including ones that have only 1 plug and 2 USBs.  However I still wanted the plug function in my outlets so I chose to use these below.  I got one put in by my chair in the family room, one on the other side of the couch (where teens sit) and one in my bedroom near my bed.

Make sure to do research on these to make sure they will do what you need them to do.  When I read reviews on this particular outlet I saw many people say it didn't charge the Samsung S4...we don't have that device so it wasn't an issue.  I like the fact that they charge up your gadgets super fast too so that's real nice during crunch time!

For the kitchen I got this handy-dandy device...a USB hub that plugs in the wall.  You can find them in different colors with different uses but I like this one on the desk for charging anything easily.  Its slim and fits easily against back of desk.  If you don't want to replace your outlets this is another great option.  I also like that it has an on/off switch so when its not in use you can keep it turned off without unplugging it.

I got these nifty chargers for the teen's Christmas stockings last year.  They are inexpensive, they charge via your computer and they will fire up your phone at least twice on one charge. For $16 its not a bad price at all and they come in 3 colors (black, silver & blue).

For myself I have this RavPower charger that I keep in my purse...I like that it has two USB chargers so that more than one device can use it at the same time.  Meaning when my teens forget their own and want to borrow mom's lol!  This one is around $36 so not too pricey.

And there are of course the Mophie Juice Packs for phones...I've never had one myself and I've heard mixed reviews on them for the newer iPhones.  They are pricey and because I upgrade my iPhone every time a new one comes out (addiction) I've never bought one since they are phone specific.  I prefer the portable chargers personally.  But its another option.....

And at the end of the day we have to laugh at ourselves...sometimes technology DOES take over our lives.  Find a few ways to disconnect...its good for your health.  For me its when I do yoga for an hour and meditate...I need that breather from ALL things including technology. 
Good for your soul!



  1. I love this, it's so true! The new outlets with a USB port included for charging your phone, it just makes total sense. I also have the silver Anker portable charger, they are great, I gave so many phones a quick zap of juice whilst at the Ryder Cup. I totally agree it's good to take a break from technology and just unplug every so often. xx

  2. Great post! We just got a Mophie for our son and he loves it.


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