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Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Has Hit Virginia.....

Fall has definitely come to Virginia....leaves a'changin'...temps dropping. I like Fall & I like December but after that I hate everything till Spring comes back...literally. Not a winter fan here.
But I will enjoy Fall..something about the smells in the air, crunch of the leaves & warm colors can you resist it?

We live on Goose Creek which feeds into the Potomac River about 2 miles from my house.  Its always gorgeous in the fall even though the water isn't too high in the creekbed right now.  I walked Baylee down there the other day to check it out & take some pictures before the leaves start dropping.  Always so peaceful and my dogs get REAL happy to snuffle in the leaves and get their feet wet LOL!

Both of my dogs are Cairn Terriers so they love to go on walks and sniff out every frog, bug & animal within 5 miles of where they are!  Casey doesn't walk as far these days so she had to stay home but Baylee was on a mission and could not be stopped LOL.  She just cracks me up..the dog would walk until she could walk no more I swear!

I decided that Fall needed to hit the inside of my home too and pulled out my bin of fun :)
I love that the colors of my home complement fall colors so well...just warms it up that much more.

I love the lighter colors of my dining room now...if you missed the BEFORES you can check it all out HERE!

Paddywax Candle  
And this is one of my favorite Fall candles to the musky scent..reminds me of where I grew up near tobacco farms (not a cigarettes smell).  Its a soy candle and it comes in these beautiful amber apothecary bottles...burns for a longgggg time.

Out came the rusty colored pillow for the rockers and a matching mum for the front porch.  Like that rose photobomb there couldn't help itself in all its beautiful glory.  The other bushes need to be clipped but waiting on a new blade for my trimmer...still not here...ugh.

New fall wreath on the front door and a couple of my pumpkins.  I didn't go all out this year because we are heading to South Carolina to visit Alexa at college over Halloween. Riley is staying home and I just didn't feel like decorating outside like usual...I will save that for Christmas!  But little touches always bring some Fall fun.

Have you decorated for Fall yet??



  1. Hi Suzanne. You won't remember me but when you were here in Phoenix, Charlene and I were in your class and she took you to the botanical garden. I stopped by to say hello and that I wondered how you're doing. I haven't seen any cards on your blog for a while and was hoping you were just taking a break to recharge your batteries. I think of you every day when I take out my Copics and remember how I took such small and careful strokes and you came over and went swish swish swish with the Copic to show me the better way to color. :) Hugs, Gail

  2. Gorgeous pix, Suzanne. I really appreciate you sharing as we don't get the colors of autumn here in the AZ desert. I miss seeing the beautiful fall leaf colors. Your decorations are beautiful!! I still haven't gotten my fall/Halloween decorations out yet. You're inspiring me!


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