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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Turtle Beats the Hare....

Slowly but surely I'm of today I've lost 11 lbs and I'm pretty excited about it.  
I refuse to do anything drastic because it never works well in the long term. Slow & steady wins the race...and I'm focusing on calories, good workouts and feeling better and not feeling deprived or sad about anything. HUGE difference!  I feel stronger & hey I'm fitting in my pants again...that's a nice incentive for sure.  19 lbs to go but I'm motivated to make it happen by Christmas.


Here are my meal plans for this week below (and last week's too, sorry I forgot to add it).  
If you are looking for healthy meal plans and new recipes you can find lots on my Pinterest Board HERE and all my meal plans are linked in my side bar or by clicking the HEALTHY LIVING tab at top of blog.  

FYI: Any meal that has (P) next to it has the recipe on my pinterest board.

I'm finally able to get through a 60 minute workout and I'm loving the Kettlebell and Jillian Michael Shred workouts...they work if you stay consistent and push it every workout.  I'm also enjoying yoga..I've been trying many different workouts via Amazon Prime Instant Video and like to mix it up each week.  I went from holding a plank for 5 secs to a every step up is encouraging.

And also the Lose It app on my phone has been great for tracking each & every calorie I put in my mouth...makes it easier to plan my meals and days out.

So if you are on this journey are you doing??


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  1. Congrats Suzanne! I"m with you ... slowly is much better. So far I've lost 3kgs (around 6 pounds). The good news is we went to Vietnam for 5 days last week and I didn't gain any weight! And I went to the gym in the hotel!


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