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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Happy Wednesday Friends!!

So a few people emailed me and asked me what my favorite workout clothes were...which I, in part thought was hilarious...because I'm ummmm, not the best workout dresser there ever lived.  Just saying ;)  I don't go overly stylish...I go for comfort and clothes that are clean hahaha! I don't feel the need to have $100 Lululemon pants (even though I've heard they are great) and everything doesn't have to be matchy matchy for me to be able to get in a good workout.

However I do like clothes that fit well and breathe well...those things ARE very important to me.  

I'm not the girl you will see out in her sports way, never...nor will you see me in crop tops.  Hey, I may be getting fit and all that but at age 40 I'm just not into showing off my belly no matter how good it may look.  I like to have t-shirts and tanks on to cover up that area...but that's just me.  If you got it & want to flaunt it...then why the hell not...that's up to you!!

I own the following items:

sports bras
long, loose t-shirts
longer tanks
workout shorts
yoga pants
warm-up jacket
yoga capris/running capris
running shoes

Beast Mode T-Shirt
 This was a fun t-shirt I got from Amazon as makes me smile & comes in lots of colors!
I liked the pink best..sometimes you gotta have some fun in your style right?

These t-shirts from Reebok are my fave...a little silky, easy to move in, great colors & only $20!

I try to pick out t-shirts that are made of wicking materials that also breathe one likes a sweaty, clingy shirt while they are working out.  I usually order a size larger because I like them a bit more slouchy.  I pay from $7 - $30 for my shirts...lots of times I see them at Target for $12-15 and will pick up a couple.  You don't have to have the most expensive, name-brand workout clothes to get the job done....spending big $$ on workout clothes seems silly to me...I'd rather spend it on shoes, purses or items for my house LOL!

Victoria Secret Yoga Pants
Yoga pants...I LOVE yoga pants...great for all kinds of exercise.  Now you won't find me wearing them out of the house unless its a quick run to the grocery store or to a doctors appt...I prefer other pants for being "out" LOL!  But these are hands down my favorite...they are under $40 and wear so well.  I have had 2 pair for over 4 years that still look many colors to choose from too!

I like the yoga/running capris a lot.  I have 5 pairs and they wash and wear well.  I got a couple pair from Amazon that are by Spalding that I love, love, love..and only $18 a pair.  I prefer to get my pants in neutral colors (black, gray, navy) because then I can pair them with fun, colored shirts and tanks...but that's just me.

Because I do yoga a lot I like workout apparel that works for yoga AND all the other exercises too.  I love these Under Armour shorts when its warmer or I'm doing power yoga and need to have my skin BREATHE and feel the air LOL!  $19 a pair...I have 3 pair and they are fab!  There are longer versions available if these are too short...or looser running shorts for those that need that style too.

I also have a slim-fitting warm-up jacket...this one is pretty similar to mine. Its great for workouts outside when the weather has a bit more nip in the air but not yet freezing.  Also great for heading out to the gym.

I also like loose-fitting sweatshirts...these are my current fave because they ware so soft, a little slouchy and a great price at Nordstroms.  I have 2...shhhh I want another though..and they are on sale..bonus!  ;)

Sweaty Bands 
And if you have long hair you know you gotta have that up and out of the way...nothing like hair sticking to sweat...EWWYUCKY!  I usually wear a high ponytail or bun when I'm working out BUT I use these Sweaty Bands as well to keep hair from slipping into my face. I love these bands..I have 2 of them and they are super comfy, fun patterns and work well on the sweat beads.

Last but not least there are sports bras!  I'm not going to list any that I wear because they are so buyer-specific and really you have to find one that you love.  Its so important to have one that is comfortable & supportive.  I have two from Victoria's Secret, one from Nike and one from Under Armour and I love them all....different styles but ones that I can wear doing most exercises.  So shop around...try them ON please...and find one that works best for you!  And you "may" pay more for a sports bra than you originally wanted to...but if it works wonders why you are boppin' away at a workout its worth every penny trust me!

So there ya now know what I'm wearing when I go full BEAST MODE!!



  1. Love all those pics! I need to get some more stuff myself but still need to loose a little bit more weight. It's very hard living in Hong Kong trying to find regular sized stuff. My last Nike pants and tshirt were XL (how embarrassing!). So I"m going to wait till I've dropped a size before I get another set!

    1. Well I always say when you reach a goal you need to treat yourself to something there ya go! Congrats on keeping up with it!!


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