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Monday, October 27, 2014

Healthy Helpers....


I'm on week 8 of my healthy living, exercising and eating and I'm down 15 lbs...whoot whoot!  Slow & steady and I'm feeling so much stronger.  I've increased the time of my workouts and the pace...but still doing cardio/weights 6 times a week and yoga 7 days a week.  I can see muscles in my arms and I'm soooo LOVING that...these arms can hold a plank and do push-ups for a long time now.  Remember meal plans for each week are linked under the HEALTHY LIVING tab at top of my blog (I have to add in last week & this week's...I promise to have it done this week lol).

I thought I'd share a couple of my "helpers" that I've found enable me to put in the best workout I can and some videos/workouts I'm loving right now.

I got these gloves after several recommendations from yoga instructors and I must admit they weren't cheap but they were worth every dang penny.  I have funky joints especially in my hands and wrists and sometimes I simply couldn't hold a pose because my wrists were in so much pain.  Well these babies have a gel insert in them that keep your wrists from overextending themselves and makes holding the poses a bit easier...they don't decrease the amount of strength you can get..they simply help your wrists FEEL better.  So if you have any issue like me, they are worth the investment.  And they can be used for any workout...I don't just use them for yoga but for pilates and any floor/core work.  (they also help with grip issues if you are sweaty or on a slippery surface)

There are ALL kinds of yoga socks and wraps out there...just research what works best for you.  I alternated between the wraps and socks but figured I'd START with the socks and see how they do.  I got them for grip reasons, not to hold in my ankles or anything.  I slide even on my Gaiam yoga mat so thought these would help a bit.  They are only $16 and come in all different colors and styles (and full-toe versions too).  The Nike studio wraps are here if you want to compare.

I have a weird quirk...I have a few actually but we'll only talk about one today LOL!  I hate drining out of anything plastic..HATE IT!  If its the only choice then I will deal with it but I prefer glass.  (hate that crinkling noise & I know those bottles are made with all kinds of chemicals..yucky)  My family knows that I will only drink out of our glass glasses and my older water bottles were stainless steel which isn't terrible but I don't like it much either.  So a few months ago I saw these in one of my exercise magazines and knew I had to order it.  I drink A LOT of water these days and I love that this is a glass bottle and you can use a straw, I just pour it in my mouth lol..I keep it filled up all day with ice-cold water.  They come in different colors and what not...but I really do love it.

Empower Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball with DVD 
 I also am really liking adding a medicine ball routine to my workout 1-2 times a week along with the kettle bell.  The medicine ball really works your core out and is great lo-impact exercise to get you in shape fast. This ball comes with a DVD and I went with the 6lbs (they have 4 & 8 lbs as well).  You can find lots of other medicine ball workouts on Youtube and Amazon to mix it up.  I like to use different videos regularly so I don't get bored and my body doesn't get complacent...its a win/win!


YouTube has some amazing workout videos...and they're FREE..nothing better than that.  Make sure you read the reviews on the videos and make sure that they are getting fairly good feed back.  You don't want to watch a video where the wrong form is used or they do something that isn't safe for your body.  

Right now I'm loving the short 15-30 minute yoga videos put out by Meera Hoffman and Erica on youtube...both are certified yoga instructors. They have great, lean bodies..nice voices..and good explanations of all the moves and range from beginner to intermediate.  I do 30 minutes of stretch & energizing yoga in the morning and another 30-45 minutes of calorie burning yoga in the afternoons. Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown is on youtube too and its a workout.  But just enter yoga, beginner yoga, 30 minute yoga and go through the videos.  Everyone likes different versions, voices and techniques so you have to find one you really like.

Like I said before I was never a yoga lover...but at this moment in my life its exactly what I needed. I cannot express how much better I feel after I do body feels stretched, relaxed and out of pain and my mind is lighter and freer.  The hubs asked me the other day if I was going to turn into a yogi because everytime he's around I say "I gotta go do some more yoga" hahaha!  I'm committed to it now and if I miss a workout I feel slightly out of sorts. So no matter what I get in at least 30 mins of yoga and 30 mins of cardio/weights six times a week whenever I can.

Do you have any exercising helpers to share??


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