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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Fall Y'all!


Hi all...hope you are having a great Tuesday!  Thought I'd do a little catch up and share some Fall pics of my patio and a couple of my son & his girlfriend at Homecoming with you case you missed some of them on Facebook ;)

This past Saturday was Homecoming for my son & his girlfriend. They decided to have dinner out on our patio because neither one likes fussy foods or crowds of people....and they asked for...wait for it.....PIZZA...hahahaha!  So I made salads and ordered the pizza they wanted but decided to make the "setting" a bit nicer.  Plus it was time to decorate the patio for fall as well.

Normally I have the dining table outside of the cabana but if its inclement weather or chilly we will move it over in front of the fireplace.  Thankfully it was fabulous weather but its always fun to change things up too.  So we moved the couch and chairs out of the way and put the table in front of the fireplace.

We like this setup for parties as well when the weather permits...spreads the furniture around into little seating groups and opens up the patio more.

A lot of my color schemes inside and outside fit well for summer and fall. In the fall I add more orange & rust tones to warm it up a bit.

A little bit of fall fun for the bar area too...I love the mini hay barrels you can find at most craft stores. I keep them OUTSIDE only because they can be messy.  I don't buy many large pumpkins anymore now that the kids are older...I have a few faux ones and get 2 for the front porch only.  I don't carve them anymore and the prices per lb have gone up so much in past 15 years too.  So I stick to the minis mostly which I love.

After the kids left, the hubs and I had homemade pizzettas and salad and then moved the furniture back around and built a roaring fire.  This is the setup we use when we have the TV out there..mostly to watch our sports of course.  But its like a second family room to us when the weather can find us out there most evenings.

And who doesn't love candlelight?  I have candles EVERYWHERE, I just love it and the warmth of the light it gives.

Paddywax Candles Apothecary Tobacco and Patchouli
 Speaking of fall candles...this is one of my faves to burn for fall...smells like an old camp fire mixed with a bit of tobacco...reminds me of fall evenings.  And its soy so it burns clean and for a long time...and the apothecary bottle is just too cool!

My son Riley who will be 17 in less than 5 months...sigh...why do they have to grow up?
But he's so handsome (says the momma) and on his way to becoming a fine, young man..I'm just so proud of him.  And he cleans up good right?  Anytime I can get him out of baseball caps & athletic wear is exciting for me LOL!

And his girlfriend Rachel (his 1st 'real' girlfriend) is just too cute for words.  She may be the female twin of my son that's for sure...she loves sports, hates fussy things, loves sweats and kicked her heels off as soon as we were done with pictures hahaha!  They had a blast at Homecoming, Riley even danced and said it was one of the best evenings of his basically a success.
I get one more Homecoming before this kid is off to college....I'm not looking forward to that empty nest thing that's for sure!



  1. Always enjoy your comments and pictures. The patio is so beautiful and love the way it's decorated. Riley is handsome and has a cute girlfriend. Enjoy these years as they end way to soon. ED

    1. Thanks so much Edna for your sweet comments...I always appreciate it! Hugs!

  2. Your place looks fantastic! And Riley is a very handsome young man - they make a really cute couple!

  3. Love your patio - question for you - how do you keep the furniture clean? I feel like I need to go out every other day or so and wipe down everything.

    1. Thanks Sheila! Usually on Thurs or Fri I will go blow off the patio really good...then I just wipe everything else down with a bowl of water & method surface cleaner. If we are away we have covers for most of the furniture so it doesn't get too pollen-y or dusty.


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