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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sticking It Out.....

Happy Thursday folks---

I'm sick with a nasty head cold...blah...I blame Kip Moore since he said he was sick on Friday night...and my mom is sick too. I HATE COLDS...nothing nice about them.  But I have been working through the pain and working out everyday but Monday (needed 1 rest day).

Here are my motivational quotes/signs for the week that are in various places around my house where I can see them regularly.  Thought they might give you a boost as well & a laugh...which is always good!

pretty much the truth...however as a woman & mom we know that
it doesn't matter because life goes on...unlike when a man gets a cold...hahaha!



  1. I needed to see these quotes.....headed to the gym now! :)

  2. Oh, lovin these quotes. Gotta Pin It.

  3. Love those quotes! Hope you feel better soon


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