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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Don't Fight The Fall....


I like Fall, I really do....I just wish it didn't lead into Winter...that's why I also hate Fall.  I am not a winter lover as you all know and it just makes me sad when I know its right around the corner.  And given the cooler temps we had in August, I'm kinda scared that winter may be here sooner than I'd like.

But I've started dragging out my fall stuff from storage and will get the house decorated a bit next week.  So I thought I'd share a few new & fabulous ideas I've seen around the web with you case you needed to shake the summer sand out out of your shoes too ;)

Most of these are easy to create and inexpensive...certainly good things with all those fun fall and school activities on the calendar...oh and FOOTBALL!! (and pennant race baseball)


Love this idea from Better Homes & Gardens...drill some holes in a real or faux pumpkin and fill with fresh fall blooms or silk blooms.  Would be pretty to do this with a bunch of different sized pumpkins and group them on the stoop or on a table.  Think I might try this......

Easy, breezy way to incorporate some fall into your home.  Buy some candles in different sizes at the Dollar Store, wrap with some scraps of burlap, faux leaves and twine...then group together on a pretty platter.

LOVE these floating cheesecloth ghosts.....easily made with some starch and bottles and wire.
Might have to try this too....stay tuned....

via BHG

Duct Tape a pumpkin in fun patterns


Love fun decorated pumpkins outside AND many different versions to create!

Via Pinterest
I love me some Christmas trees and I LURVE the idea of this fall tree...would look fab in my dining room. And those owls are too cute....fallish but not creepish..perfect to leave up thru Thanksgiving!

Love this idea using my favorite mason jars....paint 'em up white, distress and then stencil with letters.  Easy & beautiful!

These would be SUPERcool to make...look a bit more involved but how cute are they??

Have some extra wood laying around?  These are perfect for scrap pieces of wood and so whimsical to add to your fall decor.  You could even hit up Lowes or Home Depot and ask for some scraps that they have laying around...usually a lot of them are triangular shaped too.  Then paint and distress...easy & inexpensive..nothing better.

A super easy way to decorate your doors....would be cute with FALL as well.  Hobby Lobby & other craft stores have large wooden letters pretty cheap...spray them in fall colors, wrap with twine or other ribbon and add a fun burlap bow.  Or buy it on Etsy and support a local crafter.

And my own DIY Metallic Pumpkins from last case you missed it!  Easy to create and use every year with faux pumpkins and some metallic spray paints!

Yup another mason jar project...I couldn't cute is this??
Perfect for a desktop or gift for a great teacher...I LOVE IT!!
Might make this for my niece who just started her first teaching job!

FYI:  MASON JAR PAINTING tutorial for the OUTSIDE if you need one here.  You can also paint them from the INSIDE, see here.

And last but not least...fall pallet signs...I love them...the more rough & distressed the better.
Don't have a pallet...attach a few boards together or pickets..distress and paint and ta-da!




  1. Love all of these ideas but that ghost is way too cute!

  2. Phenomenal ideas, Suzanne. Love the pumpkin with all those beautiful fall flowers and the one with leopard duck tape. hehee. Cute.


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