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Friday, September 12, 2014

A Touch of Gold

I saw these fabulous jewelry boxes on the web earlier this year at House of Earnest and knew they'd make great high school graduation presents for my daughter's BFFs.  Classy & elegant with gold accents look beautiful on anyone's dresser or nightstand.  I added monograms and polka-dots to mine to make them a bit different.

These are very inexpensive to make and you can customize each one, so they make great Christmas presents for the upcoming holiday season.  I'm actually making one for myself just to keep on my living room table as a pretty accent.

I wanted to add more gold detail other than just lining the top & bottom I added freehanded gold polka dots just along the bottom of the jewelry box. 

Supplies I Used:

I think the total for my supplies for 2 boxes was under $16...that's with a coupon at Michaels on frames and non-skid pads.  I had the paint pen and vinyl already.

acrylic box frames (I used 5x7) from Michaels
Gold Paint Pen (or any color you choose)
small gold hinges with screws
clear vinyl stick-on non-skid pads
drill & bit
vinyl in any color

I used gold vinyl cut with my Cameo and monograms from the Silhouette store to add to the front of each.  I went with a simple one letter monogram with swirls on each side...I liked the look of them.  And the oval around the monogram was done using an oval metal die that I traced around with my gold pen.

**A little tip....while you are drilling cover the frames with tissue paper just to protect them from getting scratched.  Tape it on with some painters or stencil tape and then drill. And use the painters tape to line up where you want your hinges & screws like in the tutorial, it will help**

You could of course buy a pre-made vinyl monogram if you don't have access to a cutting machine like the Cameo.  You can find lots of them for sale on Etsy for under $5 a piece in many colors and fonts.

Along with the jewelry boxes each girl got a pair of Kate Spade signature bow earrings in different colors...a gift that will carry them through college and beyond. Stylish, elegant and classy just like the girls :)

EDITED:  about the screws...I found clear caps at Home Depot that fit over the ends nicely...the screws don't cut well because they are shorter.  If these will be purely decorative and not opened much you could attach hinges with a glue like E6000.  When I post Alexa's you will see a very different take on these with NO stay tuned.

So pretty and easy to make....if you want larger ones you could go with a larger sized frame too.
And use different paint pens to make colored versions...I'm making a colored one now that I will share later too that's a bit different from these.

I love how the gold catches the light....definitely will be making one for myself soon!



  1. What a fantastic gift to make someone Suzanne. I bet they absolutely loved them. I can't wait to see Alexa's box. I love making things like this.

    1. Thanks Susan..they are fun to make. I will share Alexa's next week...its a much different spin on these and just as easy to make. Hugs~

  2. Suzanne, Do you think you could glue on the hinges with maybe Glossy Accents so you don't have screws showing. Maybe you could cut the screws a shorter length? Fabulous gift idea and I love those earrings. hugs xx

    1. I tried cutting the screws but it didn't work very well on these smaller screws. I found some clear caps (also in white) at Home Depot that covered them nicely..I have to go back to find the "official" name of them to add to post. I'm not sure that the Glossy Accents would hold long enough if it was regularly opened...if its purely decorative then that would be an option yes. When I share Alexa's you will see a very different spin on these...late night thinking made me come up with a NEW version ;) Glad you liked them...hugz~

  3. Creative and so beautiful...I know the girls love them! What about E6000 would that be more permanent to attach the hinges?

  4. Great gift project! LOVE the monograms!

  5. This is FABULOUS! Would love to have you join us and link this up at the first Pretty Preppy Party this week (now thru next Thurs). Your awesome monogram box project links up to 5 blogs! xx, b @

  6. Adorable! And I agree--great gifts!

  7. Who wouldn't LOVE this gift?!?! Thanks for linking up to the Pretty Preppy Party! Heather @ Southern State of Mind

  8. Love, love love it. What a great idea and it would make a fabulous gift.

  9. We love this project and wanted you to know that we featured you on 11 Magnolia Lane today: Thanks for linking up to the Pretty Preppy Party!


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