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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Burgundy & Browns!

Fall means fall colors found in fashion and frankly I love it.  
I love the deeper, darker colors that fall brings...hey they look good on everyone and make you look slimmer...bonus & bonus ;)

Oxblood, grays, dark browns and deep navy seem to be the trend this Fall and I love them all.  So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite finds in oxblood burgundy, browns & grays (and a few I've ordered too).  

This bag combines both oxblood and chocolate brown colors.  I love the flared out sides and its not too big...if you go to the site you can see it on the model for sizing. And at under $50 its a pretty sweet deal too. (yes it is coming home to mama here in VA hahaha)

GET 20% off at Sole Society using this link:

Lush Roll Tab Shirt
I have a few of these shirts...shhh....Alexa calls them my signature shirts hahaha. But they are so comfy and light and can be dressed down or up depending on what you want.  I just got this floral version and I adore it.  It has some burgundy in it so I'm going to pair it with a dark burgundy tank underneath, jeans and my riding boots.

Love the deep color of these flats and they are by Clarks so they are sure to super-comfy too.
And the bow and trim make a nice touch too.

Chocolate Brown Sweater
I have a few of these blousey cardigans and I love them...great material and easy to layer.
At $42 each they are a good buy and quality made...I'm adding this chocolate brown one to my collection.

Burgundy Pearl Earrings
These lovely freshwater pearl earrings would be GORGEOUS with any of the fall color clothes.
Elegant and stylish and a bargain at only $12 on Etsy!

I am a boot fave part of the cooler weather months is wearing my boots.  I have quite a collection but I wear them all the time and just love them.  I've been looking for some gray boots since last year and found these by Clarks and loved the style...I got them from Amazon and they fit perfectly and were a great price too at $58.
These boots at Sole Society in navy are sweet too!

Clarks Burgundy Boots
These boots are on my Christmas wish list for the hubs...I love the style and mix of leather and suede..and the gorgeous color too.  But at $150 they are pricey, but so purty ;)

I like any kind of pant that starts with "PONTE"..its super soft and can you not love that right?  I have a black and gray pair that I love to death..I mean I LURVE them ;)
These are from Hollister and are in that oxblood/burgundy color (they come in navy too)...they will be cute paired with a gray tunic sweater I have and those gray boots.  Or dressed up with heels and a silky black top. Lots of options with these and only $25 online. (and they sit at your normal waist so no bum-crack allowed)

Essie "Skirting The Issue" and "Partners In Crime"
Of course you have to polish your nails and toes for fall too right?  I'm going with my fave Essie polishes and these two are perfect to match up with the fall colors.  The pics above look a little lighter than they actually are..they are much deeper when you actually see them in person.
Skirting the Issue is a deep burgundy...Partners in Crime is a chocolatey brown.
**remember check Amazon for Essie products..usually $3-4 cheaper*

Beautiful burgundy blouse from Nordstroms that would be great to pair with jeans or dress up with heels and a skirt.  And best part is...its only $38!

This scarf would look great for this fall with the browns and the pretty floral pattern on this.

I have this jacket in the army green color and yup...I love it.  Its not too heavy so its perfect for for fall and those in-between weather days.  It also cinches a bit in the middle so you can make a nice silhouette.  And hey cargo jackets are really in style now...but this one is classically styled so it will be able to be worn for years.

Riding boots are always in style no matter what year it is.  I have a pair of boots very similar to these above...had them for over 5 years and they are still beautiful and so comfy. The dark brown color is both flattering and works with everything.  I bought these this year Sam Edelman Penny HERE for my new boot of the season...I wanted a lighter camel color to change things up now and again.  They are an investment but the quality is great as long as you take care of them...brush the suede, use a water-resistant spray on them and clean them off well before putting in closet.  I have 2 pairs of Frye boots that are some of my most fave boots ever...they are very expensive but they will resole them for you and they wear fabulously too.  If you want a boot that will last for many years you have to invest a bit more money for them.  I buy my boots to last and wear the heck out of them during the cold months.

What's on your MUST-HAVE FALL fashion list??



  1. Hi there -- I'm loving the cargo jacket but the link provided goes to the infinity scarf. Could you tell me where to get the cargo jacket? Please, please? Jeanie

    1. Hi Jeanie---the link is fixed now..thanks for letting me know. If you go to Nordstroms and type in cargo jacket in search box it will come up for you. HTH! Hugs~


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