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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Collage It!

Finally...I get a chance to post about something I love to use for all kinds of fun projects.  
Easy to use and fun too!  And they make awesome gifts!

It is called Tagxedo... it free for most basic uses and you can customize to your heart's desire!  So much fun to play with.  

This is one of the pictures I made Alexa for her dorm, printed it and then framed it in these awesome white frames from Michaels (buy-one-get-one-free).  She's of course studying marine biology so a dolphin was appropriate!
You can fill the shapes with words that are important to the subject matter or person.  On this one I used words that were specific to Marine Biology, the ocean and our favorite beach vacations. Great way to personalize them!  Make great gifts!

Here is one I made for fall using a leaf shape...filled with fun Autumnal words.
You can save your creations in different sizes & formats....I save mine then edit out the frame on Photoshop so the shape is all that prints.  On this one I set the font to be put in "ANY" way, not horizontally or vertically..just a different look.

A cute one for a baby or kid's room.  In the "THEMES" section you can pick groupings of colors to one that fits best or to your liking.

You can also change the background colors if you don't want white...makes the words stand out in a unique way.  When I type my words I type some in all CAPS, some upper & some lower, etc to give the words a different look.  You can chose how many times you want words repeated, which ones you want LARGE, which words you want only once, etc.  That is done in the WORD/LAYOUT & then click the WORD tab. You can also choose if you want more than one font used too.

I made this one for Riley's room (haven't framed it yet)...I found a free clip art image online and loaded it.  Then filled it with baseball words that meant something to our our case the Washington Nationals.  And then I changed the font and colors accordingly.

I made these back in February for fun, inexpensive Valentine's Day art...again in my favorite white frames ;)  So many things you can do:  create pictures for crafting, scrapbooking, print on stickers/labels/tattoo paper, print on vinyl and cut out....all kinds of things!


I'm not doing a full tutorial but I have some tips & tricks I've learned below for you all.

*Get started by clicking on CREATE!

*If you use your own or online/free clip art make sure it is SOLID colored. An outline will not work correctly. I type in Google the shape I'm looking for but also add silhouette clip art to the end...that way you get solid images.  Under SHAPE click at bottom to load your image or use one of their stock images.

*To load your words/phrases type them up in your fave word processing and then copy them. I type them paragraph style...any way is fine as long as you space your words.
Click the LOAD button and paste your words in the text box & then click SUBMIT.

*In the "HISTORY" tab you can pull up past shapes that you created in case you want to revisit something you played around with.  So try changing all different elements and then hit history to go back to a previous version. Don't be afraid to try all the different settings!

*Play around with the FONTS to see which is best for your shape!

*In the "ORIENTATION" tab you can change how you want the text presented...its fun to try different versions.

*Word/Layout is fun to mess around with to see different versions of your creations. Brighten colors, blur lines, change how your words look, etc. Experiment with it a bit to see what you can do.

*When you save your image, make sure to name it and save it to your files/photos on your laptop/pc.

*After saving your image you can load it to social media sites or have items made (cups, totes, etc) if you'd like.

Have fun & if you create something show me a picture ok?  I'd love to see what you do!


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  1. Oh my gosh - these are awesome!! My son would love the baseball themed one! Can you tell me where you found the clip art for it? Thanks bunches!!



    1. Jenny---if you can email me your email to I can send the free clip art image I used. I searched awhile for the perfect one that would work and STILL show that it was a baseball player LOL. Hugs~

    2. I'm on it Suzanne! Sending e-mail - thank you so much!!

  2. These are awesome, Suzanne. I saw the dolphin frame in a pic from Alexa's dorm room. I would never have guessed you created this, but I should know better. LOL I am gonna have a play with Tagxedo. Great ideas for gifts and home decor.

  3. suzanne these are awesome. i love the idea of art for dorm room or coffee table. i should try a block M for jake with some inspirational word. the V day ones are so sweet.

  4. What great clever ideas you have!! Always inspiring!! TFS

  5. Thanks for sharing these Suzanne. Especially love the dolphin shape. Will have to put it on my list of things to check out!

  6. It's a very good idea. They are amazing!

  7. So cool - we use these at the school I work at - the kids love them and the results are fantastic!

  8. I really like these. Just made one. Fun!


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