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Friday, September 19, 2014

Read It!!

Happy TGIFriday everyone!  
Today I'm headed off to the Frederick, MD fair with the fam and my mom.  My mom and I are seeing Kip Moore in concert (2nd row, center) tonight while the boys eat their way through the fair LOL!  We lived in Frederick for 10 years & their fair is one of the state's better fairs to attend if you get a chance.  Not to mention the concert line up they usually have.  My mom is slightly in love with Kip I know she's been looking forward to this. Feels funny to not have Alexa in concert mode with us!  The weather will be in low 70's so its perfect fair weather too!  Good time!


Anywho I thought I'd recommend a few good reads to everyone in case you need some books for the weekend!

An all around good read that will keep you turning pages to find the same answers as the main characters.  I really enjoyed this one a lot!
I'm a big fan of Cathy Lamb...all of her books have been incredibly enjoyable reads. And this one is no different...interesting story of a talented but troubled main character and a cast of unique & fun-loving friends to help her along the way.

A little bit of magic, a bit of drama, and an entirely engrossing story!
Love this one!

I'm not an overly religious person...meaning I don't believe in any one religion but I do believe in God.  Sometimes you read a book at just the right time in your life that does something for you that you didn't know you needed.  This book is an easy read, first in the series and just what I needed at the perfect time in my life

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



  1. I always love your book suggestions - have a great weekend!

  2. I love Karen Kingsbury and her books are awesome. I will check this one out along with the others. :-)


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