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Monday, September 8, 2014

Take It Alllll Off.....

I know...I've heard it many look fine, you don't need to lose weight, why would you think that, you are being silly.  While I appreciate the kind sentiments, I know myself that something has to be done..and soon.  I have to lose 24 lbs and I need to get my health straight and I need to bring down my cholesterol levels (which are higher than they should be) without meds.

It may not be easy to see in pics on Facebook but I've gained a lot of weight since surgery and treatments..the meds I was on didn't help me any either.  And I've been stressed and upset and eating poorly. And because I haven't been well I've not been very active either.  When you are in constant pain and exhausted it kinda puts a hamper on exercising.  So I have to get myself together...I'm 40 and I feel like CRAP!  I don't want to feel like crap anymore, I want to have energy again and I'm sick of not fitting into my pants too...that'll make you real mad every morning.

So this post is to hold me accountable in a way.  I'm not good at dieting or limiting myself so I'm not calling it that or doing that diet mindset...its a GET HEALTHY plan and STAY HEALTHY plan.  I'm allowing myself 2 cheat foods a week in moderation..for me I need them and it adds motivation to get to something good for me each week too. May not work for you but it works for me.  I'm incorporating paleo foods, weight watcher recipes and trying to get rid of all the sugar and processed stuff.  I got lazy this summer with so much going on and it was easy to just grab the "crap" and go...but no more of that stuff. 


So starting today I'm mapping out each week's meal plans and putting recipes on my Pinterest board.  I am also adding a link in case you want to check out the recipes I add each week...some are tried&true and some are new. I like healthy, good food with lots of its just a matter of planning and making it happen. I can be lazy during the day and just not eat...not good for my kind of metabolism..and leads to me sometimes snacking too much late in the evenings. 

I also ordered a Fitbit One Wireless to track my movements...I'm very competitive so I'm hoping this keeps me moving regularly as it tracks me every day. I spent a  lot of time reading reviews of all four fitness bands and this one seemed to be what I clips on or you can slip it in your bra/pocket. I didn't want a band for myself so that's why I chose this one.  
I'm also using 2 apps to help keep myself organized and accountable for everything....both are free...Map My Fitness and Lose It (both work with the FitBit).

And to help with stress I'm going to be doing Beginner Yoga on YouTube and some Blogilates twice a week as well.  And the usual Jillian Michaels & Tracy Anderson DVDs goal is to do a video 5x a week with regular walks added in.  I have to start out slow...24-35 min workouts because of my health and slowly build stamina. I can't jump right in bare with me.

So at the end of every month I will add screen shots of my progress and what weight has been lost.
I will also share my meal plans if you are interested in trying some new recipes too.

So here I go....anyone going with me??? 

Here's this week's meal plan if you want to see it (double click to make larger) and the recipes are on my Pinterest Board Link above.



  1. Suzanne, You will love the Fitbit. I have used one for two years and it did work miracles. I also like to compete :o)
    I'm ashamed to say that since Denis passed away I have not been eating anything but junk, and I took off my Fitbit.
    I have injured myself in the car accident and a bad fall I have had.
    I will have to start back very slowly and carefully - but I may try to join you :o)
    Good Luck and Big Hugs, Candy

    1. Hi Candy---yep I'm starting with it today and see how well I do. Its so hard when you are sick or injured to come back and get back in slow step at a time I guess. Sure hope you are feeling better and sending you hugs. Let me know how you progress too!

  2. Sounds like a good plan! Maybe I'll try to match your loss!!
    Good luck!

    1. Slowly but surely we can do this right? LOL some days are harder than others but the payoff is worth it! Happy TGIF!

  3. Good for you Suzanne! I have a Fitbit as well. Another really good app that works with Fitbit is "my fitness pal"

    1. Thanks Gab...I just got it yesterday and will be wearing it starting today so we will see how well I do LOL.


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