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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Treat da' Feets!

I love shoes and I cannot lie...hahahaha...seriously I do...almost as much as books!  
My husband looks in my closet and says I have enough and then he laughs...because he knows I'm gonna get more. Yet he is the one that got me a shoe gift certificate for Christmas in an envelope that says "For Your Shoe Fund" bwahahaha...good man he is!  And I am very peculiar about how I treat my feet...those babies have to support me for many more years (crossing fingers) so I like pretty shoes that are extremely comfy and good value for my dollar.  

When I was a teen and in my 20's I was guilty of wearing some shoes that while gorgeous didn't help my feet in any way.  These days I want BOTH..comfort and style and I'm willing to pay a bit more for them if need be.  However these days you can find comfy shoes that look fab and won't break the bank...always a BONUS!  

Most people that know me very well, know that I'm almost always in some form of heels or wedges or heeled boots. Strange I know but I have weird muscles in the bottoms of my feet and heels are more comfortable for me. But I do vacillitate between flats and heels regularly.  

And I have odd sized one foot is a 9 and my other is just over an 8.5 which means I always get blisters in most shoes because I have to fit the size 9 foot ugh.  I was a size 8 when I got married and then after the first child I was an 8.5 and then when Riley was born my one foot grow a bit more just to mess with me.  OY VEY! The joys of kids right? TMI? Share my feet grief? HAHAHA

I thought I'd share some of favorite styles of shoes/and brands I wear in the Spring/Summer season that work with my weird feet, that hold up well and are comfy. I wear some of these so much that I buy them in black/cream/brown if they are available and usually stock up on extra pairs (especially if they are on sale)...I mean if they are cute and comfy and you may not be able to get them again...the HORRORS!!!

First up are these Toms wedges...they release different versions every year and in different colors/patterns but these babies are amazingly, super comfy and durable.  Best part is they donate a pair of shoes for every pair you buy to those in need...that's a real BONUS!!  I love this nude color, perfect for all your outfits but the black ones rock too ;)  No I do not like the regular Toms flat slipper-like shoes, nope I will not wear them as I find them fugly as all get out LOL.  However my mom and daughter swear by them and they do hold up well and you can toss them in the washing machine which is great for them, me I'll skip 'em!

And I love a pretty, delicate heel in white or black for dressing up just a little more for all those events you may go to.  I also am a fan of the t-strap myself and I have these shoes by Nine West although I got mine a couple years ago and they didn't have the little bar on the front like these do.  Sturdy enough to be comfortable and not too high that you walk like Bambi KWIM ;)  Although I can run in most heels up to 5" secret talent hahahaha!

I have yet to buy a pair of Sofft shoes that I don't love to death.  I have these  (they come in many colors each year) and they are $99 but you can find them on sale for around $70 if you wait or look for deals.  And they are WORTH IT. I have 2 pairs (with a slightly higher heel) from 2 years ago that I wore many hours teaching my classes up to 12 hours a day, running through airports and just out and about...and they are still in good shape. That's good quality when they hold up well through all that.  And they are just as cute with jeans as they are with shorts and fun sundresses...makes them perfecto for Spring/Summer!

These are very similar to my Franco Sarto sandals I got last year. I think the designer changes the design a wee bit every year although its the same basic sandal. Mine are smooth leather instead of basket-weave on the t-strap area but other than that they are the same. And superbly comfy and cute for summer!  I wore them all around Key West walking during our summer vacation last year and my feet did very well.  Franco Sarto is one of my fave brands too....I won't say how many pairs of shoes has his name on them in my closet but its a fewwwww. But I will say it made my day when they favorited my Instagram pic of my new boots this fall...hahahaha!

And I'm a sucker for pointy-toed flats by Gabriella Rocha. I bought mine over 6 years ago in black, red, gray, leopard and brown patent leather (mine have small buckles on the toes).  And I STILL wear them all the time and they were each under $50 a pair...super comfy and cute. In fact I wore my gray ones the other day and the saleslady in the Coach store (shhh I was just lookin'... lol) asked who they were by because she loved them.  Score...hahaha!  I don't see my buckle-toe ones anywhere for sale any longer but I need some nude flats and I like these a lot which are similar in style and shape to the ones I already own.  I know they will fit and be comfy and the lil' bit of bling works too :)

And then I have these awesome Teva sandals in my arsenal.  We hike a bit in the summer and usually are going to amusement parks and places where my feet can get wet (great for Disney).  So I bought this style a few years ago and they are still doing very well. They dry really quickly, never give me blisters and are cushy enough to support your feet through the miles.  I had a pair of Columbia ones before these that I wore out, but I must say I like the Tevas a bit better.  Plus you can find them on sale online and in stores easily...never pay full price for shoes...NEVER!! (or if you do because you are WEAK, watch for sales at the store on what you bought...take your receipt back and ask for the discount..most stores will honor me)

And these Clarks I hope to add to my collection this year hehehe...because I love the cognac brown color and weave texture on them, so classy!  Yes, they look high but remember they are platform so they aren't as high as they look for your feetsies. (hubby is already groaning but even he will admit I wear my shoes till they DIE).  Clarks has some cute shoes out nowadays that are a bit more fashionable but still very comfortable and of course great quality.  I actually tried these on in the store to check my size, then I go home and search online for the best prices or coupons...I'm a deal-girl-kinda shopper. I'm always checking around for the best price and always check Amazon too, they sometimes carry a great brand for a lot less.  If you aren't a fan of the height, they have some cute lower wedge styles that would be fab for summer too ;)

These DreamWalk "Ball of Foot Cushions" are da'bomb...seriously comfy additions to your shoes when there is extra pressure on those areas. I highly recommend them!

And you better believe I always have a box of these in the house and at least 2 bandages in my purse at any given time....blisters are no joke!  And these will stay on for days even after showering so they last and are cushioned well.  I also have the Band-Aid blister stick I use if I think any new shoes may give me an issue.
And when I'm in my house I'm barefoot or have my fuzzy slippers on.  I only wear shoes when I am OUT of the house, I like bare feet in the summer and outside...I'm a country girl ya know! But I have winter and summer slippers that I scuff around in and sometimes I have to make sure I actually don't wear them out because they are so comfy LOL!  I got a pair of blue Ugg slippers on sale at Macy's 2 years ago for 65% off and they are still in great them babies!  And when I leave the house you can bet my Baylee dog will take one and go hide it, its just what she does...every darn annoying but cute time!

I mean, even Dorothy was ALL about the shoes right? 

What Kind of Shoes Are Your Fave in the Summer???
Do you have a shoe brand that is always no-fail?



  1. OMGeeeeeee GF I want a pair of those fuzzy flip flop house shoes. Where can I go to get those. LOL I want realllllllly bad. :-)

  2. Love all the shoes and all the quotes too!
    Hope you're feeling OK?

  3. Fabulous summer shoes, Suzanne. These days I stick to my Sketchers and my cowboy boots.

  4. Some good shoe and foot info! And, of course, love your sense of humor. Miss you over on Scrap Bitz blog, hope you're feeling okay.


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