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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lil' Bits of Spring!!

Spring is slowly making its way to Virginia...sheesh...took long enough this year.  This shall be known as the endless, snowy winter I think. I'm glad to see winter on its way out the DOOR!  

But all my trees and shrubs have buds and the grass is turning green. This week is in the 70's and I have my windows open...can't beat that!  Whoo Hoo!!!  I even got out to take the dogs for a quick walk which they loved.  When I'm better I will do some Spring Cleaning but it'll have to wait for the moment.  I am going to schedule to have all the windows/screens cleaned after the pollen levels go down a bit, but before Alexa's graduation so they look nice for the party. They are sooo grimy...ick!

Thought I'd share with you my new wreath I got from Etsy store "Autumn Wren Designs".  Its my lil' touch of Spring for right now and I just love it.  It turned out exactly like I wanted and she did a great job.  Could I have made it?  Yes, but not with the way I'm feeling currently and sometimes its fun to just order and have it delivered..KWIM?!  Next to tulips, hydrangeas are my favorite flower and how can you not love a fabulous monogrammed letter right?  And the burlap bow...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Yup I did get my door painted red this past fall and hubby got the new door hardware put on.  I love the red pop of color...makes me so happy! I probably will do one more coat on it when I'm able but then it should be good to go. I did it while watching football games this fall and we tarped the door so the cool air couldn't get in and cats stayed in too.  I will share more of the porch as soon as hubs gets the new lights up...we have them...just waiting on the umm procrastinator handy-hubby ;)  They are lanterns that match the dark finish of the rest of the hardware.

Enjoy your Wednesday!!!



  1. This is beautiful Suzanne. What a lovely tradition decorating your door for Spring.

  2. Beautiful wreathe. And love the color of red on the door. Sounds like you're home again. Hope your surgery went well. Rest and take it easy for a while. Edna


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