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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rainy Showers!

Oh those rainy days......

I have a love for many things...just ask the hubs...not so much for rain unless we need it.  However I love shoes, purses, seafood, flowers, dishes, etc....the list goes on and on!
I also have a great addiction love for cute coats and jackets.  I have no idea how many I have but I'm sure my hubs keeps a running tally (HA). However even he will admit I wear most of them because I'm always cold. Even in the summer...the A/C in most stores and restaurants just kills me. So I'm never without some kind of coat.  

So I saw this rain coat in the newest Target ad on TV...course it wasn't in my store...but I stalked their online site till it was in stock...hehehe!  This cutie was only $39.99 and it fits perfectly and I LOVE the polka dots.  Hey it matches my new Nats iphone cover too...totally not planned...I swear ;)

So I thought I'd case you are on the lookout for a cute coat this spring ;)

Enjoy your Wednesday!



  1. Hello Suzanne. I agree that the AC's in stores etc are way to cold. I took my 9 year old son to the Lego Movie at a cafe cinema over the weekend, the temperature was in the high 70's, but I took a jacket and told him to as well. I needed mine as I did get cold, he didn't need his. My kid is always warm.
    Cute Jacket by the way

  2. What I wouldn't give for some soothing rain to sing me to sleep. :)
    Love the jacket, I'm a coat/jacket/sweater freak too....and socks. LOL


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