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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bambi Lives....

The woods behind my house are all conservation area...across the street is a large creek with rapids that leads down to the Potomac River.  Most of the land in our neighborhood is conservation area, so no hunting and lots of wildlife.  Wild turkeys, raccoons, bunnies, squirrels, fox and deer and so on.  
I love my deer and we have a family that comes every morning and evening behind our house to visit.

And its baby season!  This is my "Bambi" and he loves to visit.  I like to throw out apples and corn husks for them when its snowed or the ground is frozen.  As soon as Bambi sees me he trots on this pic he's spotted me...he's on the move LOL!

I'm in love...isn't he the most gorgeous creature...those eyes!
He let me take a ton of pictures this nice of him eh?
I feel so blessed to be in their brings me a level of peace every evening to see them.

And those cute fluffy white tails....LOVE!
Bye for now!



  1. OMG you are so lucky! They are just adorable!

  2. You know I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. :-) Such beautiful pictures of such wonderful creatures. I love Bambi!!!!!!!!!!!!


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