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Thursday, April 24, 2014

No Parking!

Have you ever parked next to someone or had someone park next to you and you wondered...
what in the sam's hell were they thinking?  Were they drinking, texting, having a bad day.....?
I'm sure you have.
I know I have.

Nothing gets my goat more than having someone park 1 inch from my car they even think for one second how I might get into my car.  They don't care that's why.
And that makes this girl SALTY...very very salty!

I mean there are very creative ways of letting someone know you don't approve of their parking.
If you have the time and care enough that is.  Like what someone did above...kind of funny...would like to have seen the owner's face when they came out ;)

This is my version of letting someone know I have an issue with them without getting into a verbal or physical spar (not my style) very own pad of PARKING TICKETS LOL.  

Why? Because I feel its my civic duty to let them know so they don't do it again (hahahaha).  
And I figure this is a nice and quick way.
No...I can't help myself.
Yes, I have used them.
No, I don't care if it pisses them off...shame on them for being self-centered in the first place.

Yup just letting some steam out folks...the polite way ;)


So if you get irritated like me (hahaha) and want to hand out your own PARKING TICKETS...
Leave me a comment by next Monday and I will send a pack to one super-lucky commenter!



  1. Suzanne you are too funny! I can picture you sitting in your car laughing as you fill one out!

  2. These are the best. I must get some and put some chalk in the glove box.

  3. I know the feeling. I can relate. I hate having to get in the passenger door and climb over the console to get into my driver's seat - not very graceful. I cracked up at your "parking tickets."

  4. OMG, I need a case of these LOL What a riot. Great idea, too.

  5. Too funny. I try to park way out because even though i dont have handicap sticker my body is stiff and i need to get my vehicle door open wide. I especially dont like being parked next to at grocery. Geez id like to be able to get my groceries in my vehicle.

  6. I love the chalk drawing and your parking sheets. Even if one parks out of the way, there are times when some crazy comes and recks your day. thanks for the chuckle. Cheryl Weiss. (sorry I dont have an account like some)

  7. This happens to me so much, its not even funny. There are days when I have to try and park close because my feet aren't working and the pain is so bad it hurts to walk. And there is always someone who has parked so close to my door that I can barely squeeze in. Normally, I park a ways out. If I'm really in the north 40 with no other cars around, I will take a couple of spaces. And... usually I'm still the only one out there when I get back to my truck. :-)

  8. I love the idea and would love to have a pad of these tickets. You are so funny and I can just imagine you sitting there and filling one out and putting it on a car.

  9. OH MAN, you are RIGHT ON, Sister. LOL There is nothing more that will just SPOIL my day. I hate getting out to go shopping in the first place and then we have to deal with all the nutters out there. And I mean not just parking. I wish I had a big neon sign so every time someone passes me at 90 MPH, cuts me off or almost causes an accident I can tell them off. LOL I live in the country and I try not to drive into the Big City unless I have to. (sigh)
    Love the idea of the personal parking tickets though. If I don't win them, no biggy. I will make them myself. Thanks for the inspiration, Suzanne. I might have to carry some sidewalk chalk with me to.

  10. OMG!! Totally agree, it irks me, I just had this issue this afternoon in a parking lot. My son was with me and I said are the spaces small or are people that stupid that they can't park within the lines?
    Love the parking tickets, never new they had such a thing, where can I get them?

  11. OMG!! Love the yellow parking tickets! Where can I get them? I could have used a couple today ;)

  12. Actually, it's the hubster who needs these!!! He would use them up in a day! LOL! Although I will never forget the time at our post office when I came out to a car that was parked next to me... she had her car pulled next to mine so close I couldn't get between the cars! It was sub zero and I had my granddaughter with me...of course the car seat was on the blocked side so I had to put her in from the opposite side, climb in to strap her was a total pain! Right when I was getting ready to climb in from the passenger side...out she comes! I looked at her and asked why she felt the need to block me in...she gave ME the finger and got in her car and drove off!!! I don't know how she backed up without hitting my car! Let me tell you, my head was about to blow off!!!

  13. Ugh! I hate it when people park poorly. Just the other day I left a note on a car that had been parked in a handicap spot without a handicap tag or license plate. It's one thing to take up a couple regular spaces (which is infuriating enough) but quite another story when you use a handicap parking spot. I would LOVE those forms! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I need a pack of those! So cool! Love that photo though too!

  15. OMG, I had to pin that pic of the chalk with the truck, that is hilarious & well deserved!! I one time had a van park about an inch from my drivers side (obviously they were alone). Took me several minutes to climb over the middle of my console from the passenger side; I sure could have used those parking tix~LOL!

  16. I Love the way you handle it with your tickets...your too funny but I totally agree!!! I need some of these notes in my neck of the woods. We could have used these in Vegas recently with our rental car.


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