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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Da'Man Sings!

Tonight I'm off to DC for a very special date night with the hubs and another man....gasp....


I am not that get your minds outta the gutter......pffffftttttt ;)

DAVID GRAY...ooohhhahhhhhayyyyyyy!  
I have loved this man for almost 20 years now...yes my husband just as long too hehehe, but this is one of my all time favorite singers.  He rarely tours here in the states and last time he came around we were on vacation.   So when I found out he was coming I mighta hinted (a few 100 emails and texts) to the hubs that I NEEDED to go..I wasn't going to miss him again.  And the hubs came through...yup tonight I get to finally see the MAN whoot whoot!  So friggin' excited!!!

You might be familiar with his most popular hit "Babylon" but ALL his music is easy listening, good on the ears and just awesome-sauce.  This particular song "As I'm Leaving" is my absolute favorite!
The hubs has been warned that I will be fully enthralled and possibly drooling just a wee bit...I mean c'mon........
And fellow fans...his new album comes out in can pre-order it now HERE.
You know I already got that done...I plan on getting an autograph & picture too...I'm not leaving till I do...hubs has been warned ;) 



  1. I'm SO jealous right now, I can't even tell you how much! Please enjoy the night and snap a photo for me! xx


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