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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reality or Nah?

I am slightly addicted to a few reality shows.  I admit it wholeheartedly. The boys in our house groan  about them but they can tell you all the people's names and know the storylines...because they watch them too (HA)!  Watching them gives me a little relief from "real world problems" and I call them my fluff tv.  I'm not ashamed to admit I DVR them and watch either :)  To each their own right?

During football, hockey and baseball seasons I don't get to watch much tv other than games so I DVR everything. Then if I have a quiet moment at night I will watch them with Alexa or on my iPad in bed to catch up.  Sports games take priority in this house LOL!

But there are some I will NOT watch...ever...ick...some just are not to my taste. 
But I have watched the Real Housewives since they started, but I only watch NYC, Beverly Hills and the OC ones...the originals. I was behind 2 whole seasons of Real Housewives of NYC and while I was sick I watched hours of them to catch up (each had like 14-18 episodes). Riley would come home from school and say "what a surprise..what are the crazies up to today" LOL!   Don't get him started on crazy-eyed Ramona and out-of-her-head Aviva...hehehe.

And Flipping Out on Bravo with Jeff, Jenni & Zoila never fails to crack us up...its a dysfunctional group of interior designers basically.  We also watch Million Dollar Listings because I love NYC and I love "pretending" I'm rich enough to live there and some of the real estate agents, oh my they are crazy..hahahaha!  Gotta have a little crazy to be on a reality show right?

And then I started watching this one "Chrisley Knows Best" recently...I am obsessed because it literally makes me laugh out loud!  It reminds me a lot of our family (without the million $ accessories mind you)....our family is very sassy, forthright and loud like their's is.  If you haven't checked it out yet, I encourage you to...just for a few laughs.  Because no matter how much $$$ you have in your bank account we all share the same family struggles, fights and issues...and if you can do it with a touch of humor...well it makes it that much better!

Chase (the 17 yo son) says he went on a walk to get some air & his dad says 
"What he's gonna need is life support" 
after being told he was not allowed to leave the hotel.
Ahahahaha so me and what I would say to my teens if they did something stupid.

Do you watch any reality shows?  Which ones are YOUR favorite?


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