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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!!


Two of my favorite pictures from our beach trip to Hilton Head Island, SC.
The first one is just so...US...embracing life and all that it brings to the table no matter what.
Through the rain and storms there is always sun and a just have to keep the faith that you will find both.

And both Alexa & Riley aren't so much in that snotty-teen mode anymore (phew) so I got
pictures of them interacting and SMILING...who knew hahahaha!

I can't believe this Friday will be my daughter's 18th birthday...I still think sometimes she should be in pigtails and going off to pre-school NOT college this fall. The time flies by that's for sure! 

We spent our last night on the island having our "Easter" dinner on Friday instead of Sunday.
Alexander's in Palmetto Dunes is my favorite restaurant, food is always excellent & just a great atmosphere.  I wanted to wear my Easter dress but it was pouring rain & I was too chilled.
I swapped out for my navy silk shirt and navy Michael Kors shoes instead...obviously the chilly air didn't deter my teens though :)

And last picture for today is one of my son and husband.  My son is 16 and is so big that sometimes I shake my head to make sure I'm not dreaming...I still see him as that sweet-smiling 5 year old hugging onto my leg.  Now he's bigger than his dad...ay yi yi!  He's resembles my brother so much both in looks and mannerisms but every now and then I see my husband in him.  

Love them all so much!

I hope your Easter is filled with blessings, love, laughter & time spent with family and friends!



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