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Thursday, April 17, 2014


We are still enjoying our Spring Break vacation on Hilton Head Island.
Always enjoy the slower pace of no schedules and fun family time.  The weather has been pretty nice and such a great change from gray skies and snow LOL!  Although when we head back home it will be in the low 70's and sunny so that's good news too!  Easter Sunday we will be at Nationals Park watching a ball game so we are celebrating Easter dinner tomorrow night...hey it works for us :)

Sharing some photos from our trip to the Pinckney Wildlife Refuge just off the island.  Great place to visit and take a peaceful and pretty.  Pretty picture intensive but it will relax you while you have a looksey I promise ;)

Alexa showing off her "limited" tree climbing skills...hahaha!

Love the graphic loveliness of all the green foliage popping out of the ground!

Signs of Spring & warm weather everywhere!

Love this lil' island in the middle of Ibis peaceful out here.
Would love a house plopped right next to this :)

The last summer we were here we kayaked out in the inlets and watched baby dolphins play with their moms and enjoyed the peacefulness of nature.  We had a great tour guide & really enjoyed it!

I have a weird obsession with plough mud...I love the means I'm in SC and relaxed and happy!  As soon as I smell it my whole soul feels at home.  See all those little dotty-things on the mud...those are little crabs...yup all over.  The birds love 'em :)

I jokingly called this pic "the old man & the sea" ahahahah...not sure the hubs thought I was funny but I do love the picture a lot!!

Love the gracefulness of Spanish Moss southern.  Yup I know its full of buggies but its still so pretty especially swaying in the breeze.

I jokingly told the kids we were in a Jurassic Park movie wild & untamed in here...untouched nature!

See the little alligator in there...yup we saw lots but thankfully they all liked the water better than land today!

I left my long lens in the truck (and couldn't convince anyone to run back & get it lol) this was as close to the birdies as I could get.  They were gobbling up crabs and fish as fast as they could before the tide rolled in.

Great day for the Dean Family!
Enjoy Your Weekend!



  1. Sounds like so much fun, Suzanne. Great Photos!!! We are bound for 80 degrees early next week, can't wait.

    1. Ohhh 80 degs...would love that LOL! We are in the mid 70's which is nice and window-open weather but I could stand a few degrees warmer hehehe! Hugs!

  2. Loved the photos especially the island within Ibis Pond. Hubby looks very pensive in his portrait. You sound happy and relaxed Suzanne, AWESOME!!!!

    hugs, Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! We had a great time, no schedule and just hanging out doing fun things together. It was just the medicine I needed! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love Spanish Moss too. And that little alligator is so cute!

  4. Beautiful pictures, I enjoy your blog so much :) Happy Easter Deans!

  5. What a beautiful trip and a beautiful family! I have been thinking about you, friend! How is everything going? I hope you are doing well! HUGS!

    ~Abby =)

    1. Thanks Abby, it was just what the dr ordered up...away time with my family is always well spent. I'm doing ok..each day a little stronger. Thanks so much for checking in & hope you had a lovely Easter too!

  6. You're very good with the camera. Awesome photos!


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