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Monday, July 22, 2013

That's Froggy!

Here's the story of a semi-rural dog named Baylee!
She's a 5 year old Cairn Terrier also known as Bezzi, Bay-Bay or Baby.
She has a cairn sister who is 11 (Casey) that she is attached to although her sister can no longer keep up with her.  She leaves her in the dust...but always comes back to check on her and perhaps get a partner in crime for whatever she may be cooking up.  Casey is good at resisting ;)

Baylee is border patrol at home...she runs the length of our fence line making sure the borders are protected.
Protected from wild turkeys, fox, deer, groundhogs, cats, bunnies, name it, its not getting through with her on watch.
It is her main hobby and she likes to bark at stuff, things, people...she even barks at the wind as a talent.

She's also the resident cat herder...we have 6 cats...that's a lot of herding.  If cats are being naughty then Baylee is there in 2.2 secs...the cats scatter...and her job is done.

So when you take our semi-rural cairn to the country...the real country...this is what happens:
She's picture perfect dirty here I think...whaddya say?

These are the ponds on my Gram's property.  Prime FROGGY country!

Here is Baylee...master Frog Hunter aka "mud hopper"!
If there is a frog on the banks of a pond she's on it...those frogs jump for their lives.  If you call to Baylee for backup she will tromp through the pond and swim to your side...there is NO going around for this dog...NO WAY...that's too easy (clean) for this girl!

 I did get a pic of ONE frog before Frog Hunter got to it LOL!  He quickly hopped back into pond for safety from Dog-zilla!

This is Frog Hunter...also close to an Oreo...middle is white and bottom is black like the mud (and the tips of her cute ears).
I can see her saying to me with her eyes "I got 'em Mama...they are all back in the pond! 
What's next?"

A nice long walk back thru the grapes (NY grapes) to Gram's house for a spray down bath in the yard.
See how far ahead Baylee is....yeah she hopes to outrun me because baths aren't her thing...
she prefers her water DIRTY!

Ever eat Welch's Grape jelly or drink their juice?  Well most of it comes from New York grapes...yes'm!
And the grapes look amazing this year...gonna be some good juice...mmmmmm!

Been a long day for this ole dog...sun is setting over the grapes...frog hunter has been cleaned up and allowed back into the house.  Job well done today Baylee!

Carry On!



  1. Love the adventure! Write it as a minialbum(book ) for future very future grandchildren.

    1. I may acutally make a little book with SnapFish :) Thanks!

  2. HA HA.. Wish you would write these Bitzs three or four times a day !!! Love reading of your escapades......I need some laughs during the day. Great dog you have there.
    Thanks for all of your great stories. You should have been a Novel Writer.

    1. LOL well glad you got some laughs & smiles...that is always my intention! :) Thanks so much!

  3. Love the story. Baylee is having a ball. She won't want to go home.

    1. Yeah she's missing the frogs...she's back on border patrol though LOL!

  4. Loved reading this post. Love the scenery, too. I grew up in the country and miss it to this day. I love wide open spaces and being near water. Keep posting your visits to the country.

    1. I love the city...but I REALLY love the country...its where I grew up and feel most at home. One day I hope to have at least 5-10 acres where its quiet for sure! Hugs!


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