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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bloom Love!

I love flowers...tulips and hydrangeas are the TOPS with this gal though.  
Unfortunately I have NO tulips planted because our lovely squirrels have dug them all up TWICE now ugh.  I plan on planting some in my pots this fall we shall see how that goes.  But I have hydrangea bushes all around my house and in all different colors.  This one in my front flower bed happens to be my favorite.  It has tripled in size since last year and was just full of beautiful blooms.  The one right next to it is soft purple-blue so they look so pretty together.  I have white snowball hydrangeas on the side of the house that are gorgeous too.  I have clipped a bunch and have them in my garage to use dried blooms on wreaths and in arrangements.

Gorgeous Yes?

Such a beautiful periwinkle color!

And a few for the kitchen table of course :)

What's your favorite flower??



  1. In our neighborhood, the squirrels are big pests.We have given up on growing green beans,cucumbers, carrots . Worse of all ... my 152 daffodil bulbs/plants eaten by them and their friends the chipmunks. They were beautiful peach outer petals with apricot bells. Beautiful or I thought they looked like they would be when I ordered them from a specialized mail order company.I never tried again or spent that kind of money on bulbs!

  2. Beautiful hydrangeas! I love calla lilies and lilacs.

  3. These are beautiful, I love Hydrangeas too, there is two big bushes of them in my street which smell amazing when the weather is right. My favourite flower is an Pink Oriental Lily... they smell amazing and just look so beautiful. I love them. Lyns xx

  4. Wow! Luscious flowers. I love all flowers, especially tulips, daffodils, and roses. Liz S.

  5. Your hydrangeas are soooo beautiful! I wish I could grow those here but in the desert southwest, they will croak with the heat.


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