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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Steak Me!

Steak Salad my Way!

 One of my favorite meals to make in the Spring and Summer is steak salad with potato crisps and crostini...YUMM-O-LICIOUS and not too heavy too.  And even better when the produce is fresh from the garden.

First I marinate my flank steak with salt, pepper, garlic and balsamic vinegar. I put it in a large ziploc bag for at least an hour to marinate and then its good to go.  I like to grill it outside and we like it medium rare...I like it more rare than most LOL but the center is ALWAYS warm!

Then you need some yummy parmesan cheese, lettuce and a lemon.  The lettuce is fresh from my garden and so sweet and crispy.  I buy chunks of parmesan cheese and shave it myself with my mandolin easily.  The lemon I will slice in half and just add a squirt over each salad.  So wash & spin your lettuce, shave enough parmesan for each person and slice a lemon in half.

Then you prepare your Crostini!  I don't make my own bread...the horrors I know...but I do buy fresh bread from my Wegman's bakery that is just as good.  I slice it into thin slices and lay them on my baking pan.   I use EVOO...that's extra virgin olive oil to brush on each slice nicely.  I use a silcone basting brush because there is NOTHING worse than brush hairs in or on your food...YUCK!

Then I sprinkle Sea Salt on each slice...just a bit...not too much though!  I also add a bit of cracked pepper to each slice as well.  Then its ready for the oven..I broil it for about 3-6 mins depending on how brown and crispy you like it.

I like the edges crispy and brown but the middle a bit soft!

Potato Crisps are super easy too:  
I slice my potatoes in thin slices on my mandolin, toss them with some Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic and Extra-Virgin Olive oil...and then bake for 45-50 mins turning them over halfway in between until they are nice and crispy. That's my lower fat version.  Some people toss them in flour, cheese and butter which is good I'm sure but this way is too and you save on the fat and calories.

Put it all together and YUM I tell ya!  Makes my heart sing!
Now that the tomatoes from the garden are ripe I will add them in next time!



  1. That really looks good :). Liz S.

  2. Yummy! But reading that wonderful post when hungry.... not recommended. LOL
    TFS your recipes. Awesome. Louise

    1. Thanks..sorry for the belly woes while reading ;)

  3. Just wondering, at what temp do you cook the potatoes, mine just don't come out looking like yours:(

    1. I cook them at 425 degs and then broil for 2-3 mins to get them extra crispy :)


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