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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Keepin' It Clean!

I'm always looking for good cleaning products either in the stores, thru websites or how to make my own.  I'm big on using vinegar, baking soda and essential oils for a lot of things.   So I've been reading a lot about Jessica Alba's company she co-founded called HONEST Company over the past year and a half.  She's an actress if you didn't know with two daughters and while pregnant with her first she was dismayed by all the chemicals in the products she used.  So she teamed up with some people and created this company to promote good, clean toxicity involved!
 **side note: I'm a total celebrity news junkie...I have gotten People Magazine since I was young and UsWeekly for about 10 years now. Its MY break from reality and just one of my interests, so shoot me!**

I was interested in trying out all the products because the reviews have been very good. So for a $5 investment I got a box of trial sized goodies to try.  For what I received I was pretty impressed with so I signed up for the regular shipments.  You can choose each month what you want for the price you are willing to pay and can cancel at any time.  So for the past few months I've been getting boxes of different products so I could test them ALL out.   Here's my personal reviews, I'm not paid for this nor did I get any of these for its really my honest opinion on HONEST Company products :)

These were my favorite products below...there are MANY more including baby products which I did not test due to the fact I have teens and no babies LOL!

Honest Laundry Detergent

Riley and I both have very sensitive skin and we are allergic to a lot of topical things and harsh soaps.  AND I LOVE THIS DETERGENT!  Not really any smell to it which is nice and so far neither of us has had any itchy issues due to clothes.  And this is with a son who will break into a head to toe rash and hives from nickel buttons on his jeans (I cover them with medical tape on the inside to fix the issue).   So far its cleaned everything really smells or stains left after the fact.

Stain Remover Spray

I have used Oxy Clean spray for a long time.  Problem is I have to wash the item twice if its my son's  (and 9 x out of 10 it is his clothes needing it) clothing because the Oxy Clean will give him hives.  So it worked but caused me double the work UGH.  Well this stain remover is pretty darn good and I've sprayed it on grease, blood, ketchup and mud stains so far with great results.  Best part is he's not allergic to it so only one time thru the wash...YAY me!

Multi-Surface Cleaner

I'm a OCD mom will confirm this LOL!  I have an issue with wiping counters down and my appliances...multiple times a day.  I cannot help myself..I do the bathrooms once a day as well.  It freaks me out to have dirty countertops that I cook on, or crumbs or grimy greasy handprints on my appliances...sorry NOT in my house lol.  So I go thru A LOT of counter sprays and I use mostly Method cleaners.   On my granite I usually use the Method Granite cleaner which smells like apples...mmmm love it!  But I've been using this as well and in my bathrooms too and it works great..doesn't leave a weird sheen on my counters which is good!

Healing Balm

I use a lot of Vaseline and Aquaphor for boo-boos, rashes, dry skin, lips and blisters.  They work, they really do but I really LOVE this healing balm because it smells nice, its not as greasy and its all natural...BONUS.  I am seriously allergic to zucchini leaves, weird I know...I can grow it and eat it fine but if the leaves touch me I break out into hideous rashes.  I was in the garden the other day and didn't have my gloves on and got some nasty "touching" with the zucchini leaves...UH OH!  I had a hot, feverish rash from my fingers to my shoulder that was soooo painful.  I washed it out good, pulled out the prickers and then applied this balm....OMGosh it helped so fast I was even amazed thank goodness.  Its also good for babies diaper I've heard...don't have any baby bums around me LOL!

Fruit & Veggie Wash Spray

Speaking of veggies, I also adore this Fruit and Veggie Spray.  It leaves NO odor or film on your food and best of all you can't taste it.  I've tried others out before that are currently on the marker and SORRY but I could smell and taste it and that's GROSS to me.  I just resorted to hot water and I have some friends that use hand soap...ewwww...I don't want to use soap.  But I do want my veggies and fruits from the store to be clean.  I don't use this on my homegrown veggies because I use no pesticides, I just rinse them good.  And I try to buy organic berries since they are harder to clean.  So if you need a good one this is it...really great!

Bug Spray

The bug spray has a great smell...doesn't make you smell like chemicals which I like and uses only essential oils and herbs.  It can be a bit greasy so go lightly on spraying and then you may want to rub it in good.  But I like it and it has proved effective against skeeters and gnats outside so far! So if you are looking for a DEET alternative you may want to try this.

Like I said they have lots of products and I also like the hand soap, dish soap and shampoo but feel that my Method soaps work just as well.  And I use a special shampoo on my hair that I love and its made for my icky fine hair so I won't get the Honest brand again although it worked ok.  I just got the dishwasher pods to try, we have hard water so it will be interesting to see how they do.  The sunblock was good as well and we used that on vacation...didn't irritate my son's skin which was nice but we only used it during walk-about times.  I like to use Neutrogena's Beach 70+ spf for pool and beach days as I know it always works well and my son and hubby are whiter-than-white.  I tan quickly but they just burn so we gotta have the very best coated on them LOL!

Anyway just my 2 cents on the Honest Company!  So if you've seen it and were curious the products are good.  Also check your local stores to see if they carry any if you don't want mailed shipments.  I see my Costco has the laundry detergent and I saw a few of the body products at Target.


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