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Monday, July 8, 2013

A View From the Garden!

Treasures from my Garden

 This was a pic of my tomatoes before I went on vacation 2 weeks ago. Lots of green tomatoes all over my plants. 

This is what they look like now...another day and the large ones will be 100% ready.  I picked about 20 Cherry Tomatoes today for a fresh salad tonight...YUM!

 I grow my cucumbers UP/vertically so they don't take over my whole garden.  I picked two yesterday and this one is almost ready.  Looks like I may have about 50 blooms on these plants...that means I will be canning lots of PICKLES!!

 I planted more lettuce seeds before I left and this is what I came home to.  We had lots of rain so the lettuce just sprang up...will be using this in fresh salads and on sandwiches this week.

 I have 4 large zucchini plants and we've gotten 3 zucchinis off of it so far with many more growing...including the GIANT one below LOL!  I love grilled and sauteed zucchini.  I like to dice it up and saute it with some diced onion, salt/pepper and some red pepper flakes in olive oil.  Then top it with some mozzarella cheese...mmmmm good!

 Yes, Yes...that is a GIANT zucchini from my garden LOL!  I chopped it up and put it in foodsaver bags to use in zucchini bread real soon.  Those were some of the treasures from my garden when I got home.  A few radishes, a few tomatoes, lots of wax beans, lettuce and zucchini.

My zinnia seeds also sprouted up and frame the backside of my garden.  So pretty and good for keeping garden pests at bay along with my marigolds.  Organic pesticide I call them!! 

How's your garden growing?


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