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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Southern Staples!

Some Summer Yums!

To me summer OFFICIALLY begins when I have my first ripe tomatoes either from my garden OR the farmers market.  That is celebration time!  So I was so excited to see 3 large tomatoes ripened in my garden the other morning that I literally SQUEALED for joy!  There is something magical about the smell of tomato plants...I can't really explain it...but if you've smelled them before you know what I mean.  Smells green, clean and yummy!  Yeah I know you probably think I've lost my marbles but it IS one of my fave summer smells along with honeysuckle, cut grass and salty, ocean air.

Southern Staples
So if you're Southern (and perhaps if you are not) there are some sandwich staples you must use for tomato sandwiches.  Duke's Mayonnaise is #1...its the ONLY mayo I keep in the it low fat? Heck no but I pretty much only use it for sandwiches so its ok and I don't like it dripping out of my sammie either.  Now some southerners use butter as well but I don't do butter on my sammies unless its a grilled sandwich.  Some ground pepper and a good, ripe tomato and WHITE BREAD...yup I said white bread.  I don't like Wonder Bread (slap my southern bum) but instead I choose Italian Bread as it has a bit more thickness to it but for me its gotta be SOFT!

Fresh is Best
I cut all my tomatoes with a tomato knife...if you don't have one, well you need one!  They are very thin with a serrated edge that cuts cleanly through the tomato, no smushing of the tomato gosh forbid.  My dad got them for me and my siblings years and years ago before I was even married...he knows how much we all love tomatoes.  Somehow I ended up with two...shhh not sure where the 2nd came from...but we use them A LOT!  You can find them in all styles and prices if you need one...I'd say you need one LOL...if ya asked that is!

Red Delicious Slices of Freshness
Mmmmm thick slices of tomato..I like thick slices on my sandwiches with a thin layer of mayo
on my bread.  Then some ground pepper on top...mmmmmm....looking good so far.

Look!  Its ready for MY mouth LOL!
So good I almost made a second one but instead made one for my son who loves them almost as much as me.  Hubby likes his with cheese...sometimes we add cheese or ham or both and sometimes we toast them.  So many varieties and all soooo good.  But the first 2-3 tomato sammies are PURE...just tomatoes, mayo and pepper for me thank you!

So just sharing one of favorite summer rituals with you!!

What's one of your favorite summer rituals?



  1. Yes, Dukes is the BEST other brand is allowed to enter my house! Nothing better than a tomato sandwich exactly like you make. When my mom was alive, we hit the tomato fields on Johns and James Island every summer (in god awful heat) and picked tons of tomatoes. Of course we had to add in some green ones to fry up!! A great southern summer tradition!

  2. Looks delicious. I've never heard of the Mayo. We always plant tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers even if we don't plant anything else. I have been enjoying fresh home grown tomatoes for about two weeks and they do make everything better. I have eaten them on a sandwich just like yours but with a different mayo.


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