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Monday, July 1, 2013

Flowers of Liberty!

My Fourth of July Decor!

We won't be home for the 4th of July but we will be back from our vacation the day before.  We have our season tickets to the Nationals baseball game for 4th of July and they will have celebrations and fun stuff going on.  Then we will see the fireworks over the Mall in DC from the top of my husband's building where he works...great way to see them without all the crazy crowds. We are staying two nights in DC and just having some fun there.  We go to DC regularly for games and events but its been awhile since we visited some of the monuments and Smithsonians...which I always enjoy and so does my family.  So just a fun couple days added on to our vacation and then we will deal with the REAL world again on Monday LOL!

So I decided to do some early 4th of July decorating around my house...I may disagree with some politics and such that go on but I am very proud to be an American and feel I have been blessed in my life.  I'm always happy to display the American flag when I can!

And these things all SCREAM America to me:  Coca-Cola, blue Mason Jars, and Sunflowers!
So all three go beautifully together.  My Coca-Cola crate I got awhile ago, I have a very old yellow Coca-Cola crate I got many moons ago as gets the royal treatment up top of my cabinets.  I collect vintage Coke items..but I don't go overboard...just a few here & there!  The purple mint flowers are from my garden but the sunflowers are from Wegmans ;)  And I tucked in a small American flag into the bouquet...and amazingly my cat Tucker (yes the flower killer) didn't eat them...maybe he hates sunflowers (good to know).

This is my front porch...I added the pillows (from Target) and red geraniums this spring.  Every year I pick a new color scheme for the porch LOL...I like to switch it up a bit.  I just added two American flags to the pot to dress it up.  My geraniums love this spot on my gets shade in the morning and then hot direct sun in the afternoon.  Every year I go thru a bunch of plants that don't last LOL but so far so good this year :)

Wishing you & your family a wonderful 4th of July weekend (if you celebrate that is)!!
Be safe, have fun and relax!!


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  1. Love the flowers and your beautiful arrangements. I know you are having fun, been watching you on fb.
    Take good care of yourself.


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