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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Before & After Bathroom Vanity!

Ready for Mess-a-Mess #2?
This area under my vanity was semi-organized over a year ago but it wasn't all.
Sometimes you organize and you realize after awhile its just not working for you and you
gotta rethink the plan.  And my next bathroom will have vanities with drawers and pull-outs...not these gigantic spaces much wasted space ugh.

There ya go...the messy fun...actually it wasn't too bad...just needed to purge and figure out a new system.  I'm a hair product addict lover and I have fine, straight as an arrow hair, so I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for products that strengthen, smooth, volumize my hair.  Which means I have LOTS of hair stuffs in my vanity..oy vey. 

First things first...empty, purge, trash and create piles of "KEEPS".
Wipe down cabinet really good and lay down my zebra contact paper (from that matches my bedside table drawers HERE.  Getting it around the pipes was a total pain-in-the-bum but I'm anal and it just didn't look right without I cut and patched and it doesn't match 100% but at least its covered. 
Now me being anal and looking at it after a good week...I want to paint the pipes...bright white...they look so ugly right? LOL another chore for another day.

And here she is all finished up.  I purchased new bins from Target...the two basket weave bins and the 3-drawer bin.  The patterned bag with handles is my Thirty-One makeup bag that stores all the makeup I use everyday and is easy to pack when I'm traveling.

The bin on top of the drawers holds my two hairdryers. Why two? Well one really nice one is for me...the other is for drying the dogs when they're bathed LOL..a cheap hairdryer for that.

The bin on the far right holds all my hair products...sprays, volumizers, mousses, leave-in conditioners, you name it...but the taller bottles stay nicely in there and I can pull the whole bin out if needed.

The front open white bin holds products I use on a daily basis...lotions, hairspray, detanglers, my mousse.  Easy to see and grab.  In the very back is my Nail Bin and extra stuff like handsoaps (I buy in bulk on sale from Bath & Bodyworks) and cotton balls and Q-Tips.

The drawers aren't labeled...why...because its my vanity and no one goes in there or searches for anything.  I know what each drawer holds LOL.  The top drawer holds extra facial cleaning wipes, my Clarisonic and charger, makeup sponges, extra moisturizers.  Middle drawer holds makeup samples and other nail products that doesn't fit in my Nail Bin.  Bottom drawer holds extra makeup, eye shadows, bronzers and things I use seasonally.  I don't wear the same makeup in the fall/winter that I do in the summer when I'm I switch it out of my makeup bag and its stored in that drawer neatly.

This is the top of my vanity...James' vanity is across from the shower so we each have our own.  I keep things on my counter but it has to be NEAT or it makes me crazy.  

So I have a clear square bin (from Target) that holds all my body sprays and perfumes.  If you've read my blog before you know my MAIN scent/perfume is them & worn them for at least 12 years. They have different varieties and I have them all but my fave is always Cotton T-Shirt Clean...just depends on my mood. But I love them because they are fresh smelling and never overpowering...if I smell it all day I will be sick with a migraine..these don't do that to me.  I'm also a body spray addict but I only keep a few of my faves on the counter along with 2 travel sized ones I can quickly grab and stash in my bag.  See my brass face/makeup mirror?  I need a chrome face mirror to match the other chrome fixtures but you know what?  They aren't cheap and I've had this brass version for over 14 years and just works..I probably should spray paint it huh? LOL!

My little clear lazy-susan is from Target too and it holds all my face products I'm currently using.
My medicine cabinet holds the rest trust needs to be purged next so wait on that :)
But a container holds my cottonballs & Q-Tips and then my favorite Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads, moisturizers and serums.  I love that I can spin it around and it holds everything neatly.

I also lined both of my vanity drawers with my zebra contact paper.  This drawer holds extra makeup, makeup samples I'm trying out and my collection of lip balms and glosses. I cannot stand dry hands or lips...hence my love for all my many lotions and balms. So this clear organizer holds all kinds of lip glosses and balms that I can grab quickly when I'm in the bathroom....also all my eye creams are in here.  I'm slightly obsessive about wrinkles around my anytime I'm in the bathroom I grab an eye cream and dot it around my eyes...probably 3 times a day.  Yeah I know...but I have such dry skin and its like my body never has enough eye creams, lotions and lip balms are my saviors especially in the wintertime :)  
Shhhh Don't Judge!!

The other drawer is not that just holds my brushes, mirror, hairdryer nozzles and a small bin of clips, hairbands and bobby pins.  Along the side are my scissors for trimming my bangs and split ends which I do monthly.

And last but not least...I added a kitchen sponge/mop holder (Target) to the inside of one of my cabinet doors.  It had suction cups but they slid right down the door I fixed that with my 3M hooks quickly.  It holds my curling iron which I hate seeing on my counter...makes me crazy. So this solution worked well...the side of it is made for a sponge but I didn't care about that so much. My curling iron is large barreled so I had to make sure it fit through the hole and this was the only one that worked.  So I have an extra space for something...give me time and I will fill it :)

Done, diggety-dog, Done!  Now to do hubby's vanity which is actually not really that messy, just needs some organization.  Hubby asked if I was lining it with zebra contact paper too...duhhhh yessss...its gotta match and at least its brown and not HOT PINK ZEBRA! ;)

So sometimes the organization you start with stops working after awhile...then you have to figure out a new plan and see what works best for you.  More work yes..but in the end it is so much better!!!  It makes me happy to open the cupboard now and see tidiness...almost like I could squeal each time...but I won't...that may be over the top huh?

What have you reorganized lately?

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  1. I am constantly organizing and reorganizing around here. We just moved to this new house last year and it has WAY less storage in the closets and vanities:( I am trying to purge and also be creative in organizing. Great job on your vanity!

    1. I think when I had less storage options I was more creative, when we moved I got lazy & just heaped stuff but now I'm tired of disorganization so I've been ripping thru the house on a mission LOL. My family is SCARED! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. That looks great! I haven't been organizing but I have been getting rid of stuff and I'm so much happier! Liz S.

  3. Very well organized. I love how everything looks and there are so many great ideas! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party


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