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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Bash Recap!!

Halloween Bash Recap

So my daughter sprung the news on Monday night that she wanted to have a Halloween Party...great warning huh? LOL!  Well since I knew this is her last Halloween here <sniff sniff> I couldn't say no since she's off to college next fall.  So in two days time I managed to pull the makings of a fun bash together for 20 teenagers.  I used a few of those Ghoul Decorations that I made HERE for the table..they came in handy Best part?  That they were safely ensconced at our house away from any crazies...having fun and enjoying each other.  I made Caesar Salad, ordered pizzas, got dips and chips and the girls had made cookies, cupcakes & brownies.  And of course candy...lots and lots of candy :)

I spent a good part of the day cleaning the patio...this is something that we have to do regularly.  Blowing off the debris, dirt & leaves and then wiping down furniture and counters really good.  I had to rearrange furniture so we could seat more under the cabana (since they called for rain & it did drizzle).  Some pumpkins, candles and music of course too.  And I stocked the fridge under the bar with sodas and water....that's a case of soda on edge of bar in pic...I forgot to move it before I snapped this LOL!
(real life pics folks)

Some Halloween lights on bushes, strobe light and tombstones in the gardens for added fun!

Alexa was a Hula girl...she came home from school at 4:30 and announced she couldn't find her hula skirt. So that meant mom had to run her to the party store at 5 pm...height of rush hour traffic...on make sure she had her skirt (can you tell I was thrilled...not).  So there is the Hula Girl and her BFF Sophia was "The Basic Mom" pants, Uggs & Starbucks LOL.

Alexa & her buddy Clay....Hula girl in Mexico?? 

Here's half of the group...some of the others hadn't arrived yet when I snapped this. We have 2 Mexican compadres, Sexy Librarian, Minnie Mouse, Chick Magnet, Hippie and Ghoul-Alien.

The guests enjoying the party and laughing & talking about who knows what those teenagers talk about.  I'm just happy that this group of kids are SERIOUS about school (some left early to finish AP essays unless they were like Alexa & had finished it the day before lol), don't drink, smoke or party and just enjoy the fun in life...without all the drama!  They will do good things in life I know :)

We did old school style games...always fun...and the prizes were iTunes & Restaurant Gift Cards.
So that meant bobbing for apples, Pin-the-Face-On-the-Pumpkin and Best Costume Voting!

The bobbing for apples was hilarious!  I was laughing so hard I barely got any "non-shaky" pictures LOL.  I had labeled each apple with a number from 1-5 with my Sharpie.  They each had 1 minute to get as many as they could and the person with the most points won.  The boys were putting their entire head in there...and the water was was a riot!  Good times!!

Alexa & her friend Owen (aka Hippie)!

That's all folks!  Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween or Fall's Night!
Enjoy your weekend!  I'm pretty much a zombie today but plan on finishing some projects tomorrow to share!!



  1. Sounds like the teens had an awesome time, Suzanne. You are such a wonderful Mom to get this all done in time for a festive Halloween.
    Cathy Lee

  2. How awesome you were able to pull the party together so fast! It's nice to see kids still being kids and having fun!


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