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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some Festive Cheer & Ideas!

Hi everyone!  I am maniacally festively working on many holiday projects right now to share with you over the next few days...don't panic...they're coming.  They are all in various stages of "doneness" LOL.  And I'm working on a nasty head cold as well...tis the season to be sniffly & jolly eh?

So I thought I'd share a few festive holiday ideas and recipes I've pinned from Pinterest over the past few weeks with you.  In case you don't use Pinterest or missed them on my boards...these are some of my favorites!  I linked where I could...the others didn't have a link or website, just a picture!  Enjoy!


Festive Holiday Ideas

Rustic Christmas all the details!

Love this elegant way of serving Apple Cider in stemless glasses & thin slices of apples on top!

And cuz' we all need a chuckle...heeheehee

And this pillow is gorgeous & coming to my house :)
Check out all her pillows here!

Cool idea to and who doesn't love some strawberries & chocolate? Mmmm

And just cuz' they made me smile :)


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