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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Baring It All!


I have a dirty little secret to share.
I'm so ashamed.
Well not really <ha> but it did bother me and its one of those things that 
NEVER got put on the "list".
My bedside table drawer...look with fingers over your eyes ok?
Everything was just thrown in hurt hubby's eyes to look at it.

Ok Ready?

Thar' she is folks in all her glory!  Old clipped recipes, old lotions, medicines, nail stuff, cords, you name it.
Messy, messy, messy...phew now that I shared my dirty secret
its time to deal with it right?

First things first...empty it out..sort out trash and make new piles.
Then wipe down drawer well and clean everything up.

I got myself some snazzy brown zebra contact paper at rolls for a great price.
Y'all KNOW how I love my zebra stuff :)
My Target lacks in good selection of contact paper but Amazon has TONS of cute styles.

Look at that paper in all her glory...BEAUTIMOUS!!!
It makes me giddy :)

And drawer is all sorted, cleaned and unnecessary items removed.
Yes we have a landline phone in the bedroom...everyone should just in case...but more
importantly it is intercommed to 3 other phones on each level of my house.
Ya I can yell at people when I need em ;)
And a pic of me and Alexa when she was little and a Precious Moments the kids bought me
for Mother's Day one year...ya know special things.

What did I keep:
Pens & paper for all my random notes I scribble at night.
Lotions..I hate dry hands & I apply it all the time and I like variety people.
My solitaire game...I like to play some nights when I wake up & can't sleep.
Nail stuff, vaseline for lips and some old notes/bookmarks that my daughter made when she was young.  Granted they should be in a scrapbook but I like to take them out & read them on occasion :)
I only put in 2 small organizers...I actually keep a planner/notebook in this drawer for ideas and blog ideas...but it was downstairs when I took photos. So I needed to leave space for that.

Much better now...we can all breathe a HUGE sigh of relief...heehee.
Well now hubby can...he'd come over and see that mess and sigh & shake his head.
I won't show you HIS garage though...hmmmppppfffffffttttt!

Here is that area in all its glory now.
I am a magazine addict reader and there were 3 stacks about 15 magazines high.
I refused to take a was that embarrassing.  But I put stickies in my magazines for pages I want pictures of or tear outs so they tend to pile up quickly.
But its all better now too....phew....glad that's done with!

Next bathroom was organized but it just didn't work well for me.
So I changed it up and made it pretty along the way.
Stay tuned........



  1. Good Job! I checked out your little tray. Awesome idea. Going to have to give that one a try myself.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think we all have drawers like that. Love your tray.


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