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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall In Love!

I've been doing some decorating outside over the past week for fall.
I try not to overdo it anymore even though I want to LOL.
Problem is we get so much wind in the fall here that I end up either re-doing everything
or fixing things everyday...and that is a big pain in my behind folks ;)
After 7 years I've learned my lesson well.

So I am planning on getting 3 more bunches of corn stalks for the front to bulk it up on the columns more.  We couldn't fit them all in the truck the first time..due to my..umm...over buying of mums..heehee.  I will do that this weekend though shhhh.  I used to get big bales of hay but got tired of cleaning it off the porch and yard (and I'm sure the neighbors weren't so thrilled either..ha).
The wind whips up the hill and onto my porch ferociously and knocks all those mums over.
BTW...see that luscious green grass...yup we just redid the front yard...hubby is very proud of his work so I thought I'd throw that in for him ;)

New pillows from HomeGoods (2 for $20) that dark orange color with the white rockers. They are a bit silky so they change in different lights.

This is by the front door...that red mum needed a drink when I took this pic...I watered it no worries.
I want one more large mum...will grab that this weekend.

This is my new fall doormat...from Lowes for under $15...loved the fun floral pattern and
pretty colors!  We get such harsh direct sun on my front porch that everything fades so I won't spend a ton of cash on things because I know they will have to be replaced.

I decorate my backyard as well...we spend a lot of time out here in the fall watching football and having fires.  So some pumpkins, mums and gourds come out to play.

*See more of my backyard area HERE*

I keep succulents under the cabana..they don't need much light or water and always look beautiful (the other one is on coffee table).  I added some pumpkins and my hurricanes from Pier One from a few years ago...they give off such a pretty amber glow in the evening.

On the table I used a bright yellow the pop of color.  Those lanterns I got on sale at Target end of summer sale for $3 each...they were dark brown. But I spray painted them gold, they look much better.  But by spring they will probably be coral...that's the beauty of spray paint y'all!

See the trees in the background...they are just starting to turn shades of beautiful.
Nothing better than the colors of fall!

I'm taking Alexa's senior pictures next week...not the school ones (those have been ordered already)..but the more casual pics.  And some with her BFF Grace (on the right) along with some outfit changes I've been informed..teen girls ya know.
So this past weekend we played in the woods to try settings/lighting/aperture/etc on my camera and shot some fun pictures. These were my faves and really showcase their beauty (no makeup, look at that skin), friendship and joy!  But we will do the formal shoot on Monday at a park with the beautiful foliage as the background.  Should be fun!


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  1. Very beautiful. When you get tired of card making, you can become a decorator. Wish you'd do my yard and house. LOL To far away. Edna B

    1. Well my dream since I was 5 was to be an interior decorator..but things didn't go that I get my kicks decorating my house for now ;) So if I lived nearby I'd come give ya some ideas hee hee---Thanks so much

  2. I love it, Suzanne. Your home looks so warm and inviting with all those autumn flowers, decor and pumpkins. The lawn is fabulous, good job to your hubby. Can't wait to see some of those photos of Alexa. You have such a good eye behind the camera and Alexa is a true beauty.
    Cathy Lee

    1. Thanks so much Cathy...a few more touches & it will be done on the outside. And fingers crossed the pictures turn out next week :)

  3. Questions: 1. Those pillows don't get damaged/blown away leaving them out like that? 2. The stuff doesn't blow off the table? 3. The hurricanes don't blow off the back mantle and break? Maybe we get more wind here......

    1. No the pillows are super heavy and they've never blown off and the stuff on table doesn't blow off...however if we have super strong winds I will set the pot on the porch. We don't get any wind in the back cabana nothing really blows under there at all.

  4. I have checked out your paper crafting blog and found this link. So glad because I love your backyard space. I have pillows on my rockers too, and they do just fine. I'll definitely have to check "this" blog out again.

  5. I have been to your crafting blog many times, but didn't know about this one. Your backyard space is wonderful. I have pillows on my front porch rockers too and they do just fine.

    1. Thanks so much...yes I've had this blog since February of this year, my other blog is just crafty stuff and it will be 7 years old soon phew. Glad you stopped by!

  6. Your house and decorations are beautiful

  7. Your backyard space is gorgeous! So glad I found you at Savvy Southern Style. Pinning for inspiration. Thanks, Courtney

    1. Thanks so much Courtney...right now it is going under a "Haunted House" conversion for a Halloween party for 30 teens tomorrow night LOL! But we love it and use as if it were another room in our house!!

  8. OMGoodness, your cabana is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to go to the other post to see more of it, and I will be your newest follower. We just did a hardscape patio (and deck and pond) but I doubt if we are allowed to have a cabana over it,:(:(


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