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Monday, October 21, 2013

Need Dinner?

Thought I'd share a few recipes that I'll be making over the next two weeks for my family.
I'm always looking for easy, quick (during week), healthy and yummy food recipes that I can adapt to make my own.  During the week with football practices, teen schedules, my work and hubby's late arrivals or travel it SERIOUSLY works for me to always have a meal plan.  Otherwise I'm scrambling around, trying to defrost something and usually turn to BREAKFAST FOR DINNER.  Which is fine but once a month is about the limit I can get away with that around my house ;)

So every Sunday I make out 5-6 days of meals for the week and get the ingredients on Sunday or Monday at the store.  It makes my life less stressful and easier when I know exactly what I have to do  to have dinner on the table quickly.  

These are a few of my tried-n-true recipes and some new ones that I thought I'd share with you.
If you are like me you are always looking for some NEW yummies to make.
And I promise none of these take super-fancy ingredients or much time at all to make.
(course it will like you DID, so don't tell anyone)

So the recipes below are some of my collected recipes...they are not my own...however
you can find some of my recipes by clicking on the PROJECTS tab at top of blog or looking over
at the sidebar (scroll down) to see the recipes.

Bon Appetit!!

(my go-to recipe)

Teriyaki Chicken
(1 of my all-time faves, I add onions & red pepper flakes to mine as well)



  1. so looking forward to trying the ones that look gluten free... I am on a new diet plan that is gluten free to clear up some health issues and some of these look yummy....

  2. Oh wow, these look amazing - thanks so much Suzanne!

  3. I printed out almost all of these recipes and can't wait to try them all! I made the Mongolian Beef two nights ago and the family LOVED it. I've been eating the leftovers for lunch for the last 2 days. Definitely a new family FAVORITE! Thanks so much Suzanne.


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