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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Milky It My Way!

Above is the one I made for a dinner party was VERY popular and yummy!

I apologize for lack of posts...I've not been very well due to pain, meds and ER visits so I haven't gotten much done.  But hang in there with me...I promise I have lots to share and projects to do with you all starting this week!

Starting with this Triple Chocolate Monkey Bread!
Its very yummy...easy to make...and looks great!
It has Milky Way Bites in it...mmmmmm!

It's not my recipe but you can see the great picture tutorial and recipe at Diane's blog HERE!

**my only edit I would make is to add a bit of sugar (sprinkle it) on the dough before you add the milky way bite and roll it.  It needs just a bit more sugar to break up the dough taste IMO, but that's just me LOL ***




  1. I'm sorry to hear yo havne't been well Suzanne. SEnding virtual hugs from Hong Kong (I've moved from Oz)
    Gorgeous looking cake

  2. Really sorry to hear you've been down and out and hope you get your health back soon. Liz S.

  3. I follow your blogs religiously and just realized something was wrong. Thank you for letting us know and you are a true inspiration to us all.


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