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Friday, October 11, 2013

Winter Style Files

Winter Style Files

I love fashion...always have, always will..its just something that makes me happy.
Now I'm not a total fashionista...I don't wear some of the latest absurd trends nor do I pay gobs of cash for items and I don't spend hours looking at clothes.  But I do like to take trendy pieces and add them into what I already own and add a few classics along the way.

And is a GREAT place to play around with a big closet..except the clothes are free to dress up in.  I like to create fashion-boards of styles I like and then save me an idea of what to look for online or in stores.  

Below are two that are my current faves and I'm setting out to buy a few things that are similar.  These are styles that have some classic elements but also a few trendy and fun items thrown in (keep trendy items cheap, pay more for classics is my motto).

Warm White Winter

White chunky knit sweater, $24 / Jacket, $315 / MICHAEL Michael Kors cream skinny jeans, $66 / Steve Madden brown slouch boots  $133/ Nica shoulder bag, $88 / Olivia Burton watch, $115 / River Island earrings, $7.98 / With Love From CA brown infinity scarf  $17/ Edward Bess lip gloss, $41 

The Links above are the actual items I pinned...I just liked them...doesn't mean I'm buying them but its a good launching point.  Nothing I pinned is too expensive except the leather jacket and I expect to pay about $200-350 for a nice jacket like that...but it will last and last. I have a black one already and am debating over whether to get a dark brown or cream dark brown but the cream /camel one speaks to me too.  And those boots...oh I have a thing for boots lemme tell ya..borderline obsessive ;)  And that scarf..only $17...yup its definitely a must have for me..cute and animal prints are IN y'all!  The rest of the items I have similar ones of...I got the cream skinny jeans at Abercrombie though.

These are my new boots from Nordstroms by Dolce Vita..aren't they cute?
They are super comfy too...the black ones fell into my cart this week...they will be here Saturday!  I'm a shoe-addict what can I say...but I do wear them I promise!

Scarlet Biker Girl

Acne Studios dress / IRO black vest / Mango side zip black pants, $32 / Valentino engineer boots / Rebecca Minkoff handbag $185/ GUESS bracelet $32/ Luxury Fashion earrings / Pieces black metal ring, $6.77 / Loop scarf $17/ Hourglass Cosmetics blue lip gloss, $34 / Essie nail polish

I like the classic elements in this look..but with a side of biker girl thrown in ;)  A little fun with fashion I say.  Leggings are always in style...just remember to cover your tush..that's just not attractive in my opinion.  Love the black leather vest and motorcycle boots with it a bit of "bad girl" right?  And the scarlet breaks up the monotone look and its just a fun color to add in.  The boots are like $2000...ummm yeah no...I love ya Valentino but I found boots similar at Zappos for under $150 :)  I have the leggings, sweater, rings, purse, lip gloss and scarf already...just need the vest and boots but on a cheaper price scale.

These are my other new boots...they are by Franco Sarto (one of my fave shoe designers) and super comfy...I wanted a flat black boot since I have already have lots of heeled boots...nice for slick weather.  Good for wearing with jeans and leggings this winter!  Although I've been thinking of getting me & Alexa some Hunter boots like these here (I want grey & she wants the feather blue).

Are you a scarf addict like me too?  They add such a nice pop of color or pattern to your outfits AND keep you warm when the weather is chilly.  I cannot wear turtleneck shirts/sweaters anymore because I feel claustrophobic in them (yup I'm odd like that and will start sweating & pulling at them like a weirdy) but I can wear loose scarves with no issue and they keep me warm.  If you have older sweaters or shirts they can revive them a bit and change it up for you.  I'm totally NOT a scarf snob..I don't care what the brand is as long as its a color/pattern I dig and its not scratchy.  And I love these scarves from $5-8 each and they come in SO MANY colors.  I have about 7 of them that Alexa and I share. Check out the other scarves on Amazon too for great deals and styles.  As much as I love the Kate Spade scarves I just cannot justify that price KWIM?  If you have scarves that aren't infinity loops...just tie the ends up tight and poof there you go...just tuck the ends under when you loop it around your neck and no one will know.

This is what I narrowed my purse choices down to for this fall/winter. ..I love the styles and the colors will go with most of what I have.  I have a black purse and a scarlet patent leather purse by Coach that I use during the winter as well...but it is time for a new brown one.  If you invest in a Coach purse and take care of it, it will last forever.  I use purses from 10 years ago still...they are worth the investment if you can swing it.  So not sure which one (although I'm leaning towards the first one)...oh hard decisions..I like these kind of decisions though right?

Y'all know I love my Essie nail polishes...they last forever and have the best selection of colors.  This fall these are my fave new colors they've come out with.
Don't Sweater It is a pinkish-beige...Cashmere Bathrobe is a sparkly graphite grey..Vested Interest is a grayish-green that looks great with jeans (its on my toes now) ;)
Buy Essie on as you can sometimes get TWO for the price you usually pay for one in the lie!

And I love this Essie Miss Fancy Pants I have on now...its a nice greige color..good neutral for fall!



  1. My husband would have a coronary if I spent that kind of money on clothes/shoes! Cute outfits though. I don't go places enough to justify a closet full of clothes and shoes! Maybe one day...went out a lot more when I was single hahahhah!

  2. I vote for the first purse...Love it!!!

  3. Such cute outfits! Go for it with the Hunter boots, best rain boots out there. I have the red and they really do the trick and look cute, too. Gotta check out Polyvore, looks like an awesome site.


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