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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some Pretty Cool Ideas!

Hi friends!  No projects from me today...I'm in the midst of many projects of course..none of which are complete. And YES its driving me crazy but there is only so much time in each day and there's always those "other" chores I have to do...laundry, cleaning, cooking, picking up clutter from teens, yardwork, driving football boys to practice..y'all know what I mean right?  If I had a whole week to dedicate to projects I'd probably get 5 months worth done LOL!  But oh well...back to painting for me in a bit...I love what paint can do to transform a room but I HATE painting...HATE IT!

Ok enough whining from me...I want to share some cool thoughts, ideas and products today.  I read a lot I think I've told you before...if it can be read then I'm reading it.  Well not directions or manuals..I prefer to skip those (aka boring) much to the chagrin of my husband who only reads manuals (say what). I'm the kinda girl who opens something and wants to play with it and figure it out that way...its just how I am.  He however will read a 100 page manual for days before he even tries...oy drives me nuts.

Anywho, I diverge from my post topic again (not hard for me) I read lots of books and magazines and I clip lots of cool websites and products from them.  And I had gathered so many in my bedside table folder that I thought I'd type up a few to share and that I would be able to access them easily too.



Keep Produce Fresh Longer
This gal invented FreshPaper after tea her grandmother made in India.
It inhibits bacterial growth so it can keep your produce fresh longer.
And I will attest that I bought some earlier this year and it DOES work.
(Whole Foods carries it)

Its like the bargain shopper's version of Pinterest.
You grab a button for your toolbar on your computer.
When you find something online you like, you "pin" it with the Hukkster button.
They will alert you when it goes on sale...saves time...saves money! Cool!

Seriously one of my fave new beauty products right now.
Do you like those pore strips? I like them because you can SEE the gunk
that its cleaning out.  WELL GlamGLow is a mask and while its on you will see little 
dots on your face, that's where its sucking all the yukkies out of your skin.  Seriously cool
for the skincare geek in me.  Not to mention it smells good and your skin looks glowing and feels so soft afterwards.  Amazon has best deal on it!

Ever get overwhelmed by all the news coming at you.
Just don't always have time to watch or read the news but interested
in what's happening around the world and here in the US.
Skimm sends you an email each morning with condensed versions of things you SHOULD 
be aware of and know.  And if you want more info on a news blurb its easy to find.
Keeps me abreast of things happening when I'm low on time to read about it.
Founded by women for women :)

If you are a techno crazed user like myself and use your phone for everything.
Then you probably find your phone dying on you regularly. I know I do with my iPhone 5 at least.
I have a Zagg charger that I can carry and it has two USB plugs...perfect for taking to games and such and to share with my teens.
But its heavy and bulky...and that's where my Anker Charger comes to the rescue. They run about $20 and are not much bigger than a large lipgloss but they can charge a phone up for hours.  
For me its a MUST HAVE when I cannot get to a plug or mobile charger.

I'm a lipstick and lip balm hoader...there I said it..I admit it.  At any given time there are probably 10 liptsticks/balms in my purse...probably 45 in my makeup bag in my bathroom...and another 100 spread out into other purses, cars, coat pockets, travel bags and more.  Its a serious problem...but dry, chapped lips are NOT my thing. I hate dry lips and once cooler weather comes it gets worse.  So I've tried many brands and I love many of them. But I must say I'm slightly MORE addicted to this lip balm by Julep...its smells and tastes good, has a slight pink color and it works well and lasts long too. I think I have 3 so far...shhhh...but I love 'em!

I love dry shampoo..I tend to have dry hair and its super fine. So dry shampoo allows me to go longer without washing which helps to not dry out my hair AND it gives me more volume to boost my fine strands. I've tried probably 10 brands...from cheap to expensive and most are pretty good. Bumble & Bumble has one out but its close to $35 and I loved it but way too pricey. So a friend told me about this (get it online or at Walmart or other local stores)...its only $6 and it smells divine.  So far so doesn't deposit too much but remember to squirt in small sections, rub in with fingers and brush through quickly or you will get white sections that are a bit crunchy.  Those are tips for any dry shampoo.
Great for oily hair to get you an extra day without washing, great at getting smells (aka smoke) out of hair too.

Ok I'm outta here...lots to do this weekend per the usual!



  1. I actually enjoy the actual painting... All that tedious cutting in with some music playing is relaxing...HATE... prepping the walls, tapping, and then the clean up!


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